Thursday, 15 May 2014

...a wee spin

If you ever happen to find yourself in Dalkey of an evening, you could do worse than pop in here - it's a bar/restaurant called 'The Club'.

Over Easter we had taken a little spin down to Dalkey, which is a little coastal village just outside Dublin and this was a great find - the food was good, and there was decent level of atmosphere. I did manage to take a couple of quick snaps before the place filled up and you can see they have a lovely panoramic painting of what looks like a sort of Italian riviera scene, all around the main bar area. Not sure if it's a real place or a fictional spot, but it was nicely done.

Dalkey abounds in oversized college lads. At first it can leave you feeling a little hobbitish, but it is actually a very good thing - we find them particularly handy for push starting the car. Three or four of these young oaks can coerce an unresponsive Renault Scenic into and out of a three point turn in under 2 minutes, we know this because we timed it. Once they have it facing the right way,  they barely have to break into a jog before the motor is running but what really endears them to one is the tremendous ancillary support you receive in the form of good humoured vocal encouragements as you exit the scene, struggling to keep pace while inserting 3 children, bodily, into a moving vehicle. "Ah get yer rump in there, ye gerrrl ye!"...might be a while before I show my face, or indeed my behind in Dalkey again...


  1. Bwahahahaha! Claire, I love how accurately you've translated the accent into written form!!! Thanks for the pics and the tip, looks like a perfect place to take my visitors!

  2. What a lovely place to go Claire - wish you had gotten some pics of the Oak boys!!

  3. Hilarious recounting of the event. My DH and I hope to visit your beautiful country one day.

  4. Loved your story, and I so understand your point about not returning for awhile!! :-) Beautiful place though. I'm wondering if we'll be seeing any of your stamps inspired by the lovely mural?

  5. Looks like a fab place to visit. thanks so much for sharing the story about the car - still smiling now!

  6. LOL...I LOVE IT!!! you are a hoot. ;)


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