Friday, 29 July 2016

...Petite Patisserie and some shiny blog candy

Morning! You missed a great party at Stamp TV last night! Gina K released a whole bunch of new stamps and some of mine were in that mix! This card features one of my newest sets, Petite Patisserie! I am in love with this little cake shop! I'm in love with cake shops generally, and my current fave is Le Petit Parisien, a great little place in Wicklow St, Dublin, Ireland. If you are curious, you can see them here. I try to call in here for a cuppa if I'm in Dublin, which should be way more often...

The stamp set is a brand new set, available in clear photopolymer from Gina K's store here. This image shows you all of the stamps in the set:

For my card above, which I shared at the party last night, I used the main shop image. I stamped the image a few times on separate pieces of cardstock and then coloured with copics. I trimmed out the window shapes with a craft knife and then popped the matching cake stand and chandelier in behind the openings, I love the depth this gives. I also stamped the Patisserie sign and trimmed that out, popping it up on the roof. I was really chuffed with this set and I have loads more samples to show you. Pop by over the next couple of days to see!

Inside my card I added a simple panel. I used the larger of the cake stand images and added the interior sentiment underneath it. I love colouring those little croissants and buns and doughnuts! The delicate font choices suit my idea of fine!

Just for inspiration, I made up this tip sheet - it shows a few examples of how the stamps from the set can be arranged to give nice little scenes, I really hope you like it! The store stamp is shown in black and all the other little co-ordinating stamps in orange. You can achieve these looks with simple stamping and/or a combination of simple masking or layering by trimming images out. There are FOUR different 'shop signs, so you could have yourself a little street! My current fave is the itty bitty curtains, check out the Caffetteria below!

I'd love to know what you think, so shoot me a comment on this post and I will pick a random winner on Sunday night to win a prize...lemme see, what can I give you....(rummaging in a drawer...) ah yes - how about some shiny things, I have some pretty sequins here left over from WMS - I will pop out 5 little baggies of sequins to one random commenter. It could be any combination of coloured sequins or maybe some shaker mix (pictured below) if I can find it!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

...bring me sunshine...

phweeeeeeee! feels like an age since I saw you, I had all these plans for scheduling posts while I was on vacation...anywhooo I do have a ton of nice pics of the Republic of Ireland to show you, but first things first, there's a new release happening over at Gina's on Thursday night!

This set is releasing at Gina's together with three more, never seen before brand new Claire Brennan sets! can't wait to show you - I'll pop up another peek later on and more deets!! thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 27 June 2016 espresso of thanks

Howdy do? I'm taking the ostrich approach to politics this week and just sort of ignoring everything that has been happening with Brexit etc, I've no clue how all of this will pan out and sadly I don't think the folks 'in charge' have any clue either...but hey-ho the sky hasn't fallen in today so far, so here's a card.

I made this for last weeks MIUM challenge over at Stamp TV forum. I must admit I'm pretty hit and miss with challenges, but I wondered what MIUM meant and nope, I'm not going to tell you - pop over here and see this weeks MIUM challenge for yourself, lol!! and then maybe you will be reeled in like I was!

Anywho this card started as a great excuse to further explore my new Gina K inks and I am smitten, I'm loving these inks for solid images, I'm loving how the stamped image seems to sort of smooth itself out as it dries, the coverage is so good and the colours that I have used so far are scrumptious.

I stamped my coffee pot and did a little random shading with a brown colouring pencil just to give the image a little depth. I didn't bother with working out where a light source would be or anything so complicated, I just added a little rough shading on areas of the image that I thought would look good. I wanted to keep the illustrated feel rather than make it look too realistic.

I used the Coffee Set stamps, just released at Gina K's for this one. Huge mileage in this set, many, many sentiments for lots of different occasions.

How to ground a stamped image

Many times when you stamp an image, it can look a little lost there, floating on the page and when that happens you need to ground the image on the page somehow by making it look like it was meant to be there. There are loads of ways to do this, and I did it for this card by roughing in a suggestion of a tablecloth. Here's how, I'm using a slightly larger set of images on my example, but it's the same principle:

 I masked the bottom of the coffee pot with a post it. The I lightly sketched diagonal lines with a colouring pencil.

 Changing direction, I then went back and sketched diagonals going the opposite way. I sketch lightly and I stop short of the edge of the panel, I was just interested in creating a 'suggestion' of cloth, I wasn't aiming to actually draw a tablecloth. I lightly shaded a little crosswise also, but not enough to take away from the diagonal lines.

I removed the post-it note and had a nice tablecloth effect. You can see how I did the same thing on the actual card below. The background floral panel was stamped with flowers and dots from the same stamp set. Inks used were Sweet Corn and Dark Chocolate both Gina K Designs.

..Winner Winner! Halftone dinner!

Congratulations to Tenia Nelson who said:

So very cool!!

Tenia was my random winner for the blog candy I posted on my Coffee Lover Summer Blog hop post! Hope you enjoy this set Tenia! Pop me your addy via Facebook or email and I'll get this set right out to you!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

... so happy for you - and psst! there's a sale at Gina's

I wanted to make some more cards for the coffee hop, but time kinda got away from me and I missed the deadline, not to worry though, I have this little teeny card for today. I used the 'We Go Together' set for this. I stamped the tiny happy coffee cup and tiny smiley doughnut twice and then coloured with copics. I trimmed those out and popped them up on a BG that I had stamped with the sentiment 'So happy for you' I thought these went together so well. I clear embossed the sentiment so that the ink would not run when I coloured underneath the words with copics.

The sentiment came from Gina K's new incentive set, Scripty Sayings Two. So you can get that set FREE if your order comes to over $75USD. Here's the set:

 Also, there is currently a HUGE sale happening at Gina K Designs right now and I'd hate for you to miss it! Click on the image to go shop,

 Hope it tickles! I'm off to begin commenting on the hundreds of coffee lover blog hop cards, you up to anything fun this W/E?