Monday, 29 June 2015

... been on the farm...

Good evening! We are winding down to the end of term here at home - the wee folks are moments away from the summer school break and I can't wait - I get to ditch the alarm clock for two months...bliss. 

This year I promised little dude that he could have a party for some of his school buddies - his birthday occurs during a significant holiday and so he has never really had a party that he could invite school chums to. Been feeling a little bad about this as he has attended loads of parties over the years... sooooo, we had 'half year' birthday party for him and a few of his buddies over the weekend at a local farm - my dude is nuts about sheep... he got to feed the lambs - never seen a kid so happy.

I made the carrot topped muffins and the sheep crispie buns, but I had to get the big guns in for the cake - in the shape of my pal 'S' who has a cake making business - isn't that cake just the best ever! - check out the cracked eggs - Shaun is baking a cake...on top of a cake...giggle, this just tickles me all over.

Anyhow, this is why I have no crafty stuff to show you - normal papery stuff will resume tomorrow.....

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

...rainbow hello!

Evening all. It was a glorious evening here tonight, I hear we are due for rain tomorrow, but it was beautiful here this eve - didn't see a lot of it tho - busy, busy. Just time to pop up a card for you.

I don't think I have even shown you the Brogue dies yet so I'll begin with this card. Super simple.

This is one of the dies in the new Brogues dies set that we just released. The brogue dies were meant to compliment the masculine sets at WMS, such as My Kind of Guy, but they are hugely versatile, I can see lots of projects benefiting from a brogue border. 

For this evening's card, I used the plain border - it produces a brogue pattern on one side of the cut and a handy pinked edge on the other side. I made my card with a bunch of these borders.

I just cut five borders with the die and taped a piece of contrasting card along the back side of each cut. I arranged them in a pleasing layout and trimmed them to suit my card front size. I used a little foam tape on some of them to give abit of rise.

I die cut a hello sentiment (using this die) in white and then again in each of the 5 contrasting colours. I separated a letter from each colour and stuck those to the reverse of my white 'hello' - love how these cast a little rainbow shadow to match my colour pops. Quite like this wee card!

These brogue dies have lots and lots of little circles to cut and I like to use a stiff brush to help me just pop those all out. I get rid of most of them this way and only have to poke one or two stubborn circles out if I'm using thick card. Paper just seems to come away perfectly every time.

Also, can you see something interesting here?

What if I showed it to you
These are the little negative shapes produced by the brogue dies - these make great confetti for shaker cards - I'm gathering a little bottle-full of gold ones!

Hope it tickles!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

...a little hobby of mine

I don't really have much time for 'actual' real life hobbies, but one thing I have done ever since my very fist internet connection (over 15 years ago) is to surf property websites. 

I'm quite specific, I only ever surf Irish property websites like or . It's a little interest of mine that is easy to fit in to the odd 5-10 minutes when I'm waiting in the card at the school or at an appointment. I love houses. I have always loved wee houses ever since I can remember my mother and I drawing them - we always drew houses with gables and dormer windows when I was small.

I sometimes daydream about having a little cottage by the sea somewhere, it's just a little escapism, but a few years back I had been surfing quite regularly and I could have estimated the price of most properties fairly accurately. - I've lost my edge a little recently, been a tad busy, but I just wanted to share a few of the little gems I found while trawling some sites recently. 

Now and again you find the most delicious little out of the way properties - I am hoping that since these are all for sale that the good folks who are selling them won't mind me showing you - I mean, these are all on the relevant internet property sites, I know it's a little voyeuristic, but I'm thinking it's ok... it's not like we are sneaking inside... lol

Isn't this absolutely charming?

Such a view - who would not love this?

Now and again you find a stunning period property.

I love looking at all sorts of houses, sometimes the smallest and most basic are the most charming. I've always been interested in houses and not just for interiors, it's more about location for me. At the moment I live somewhere that's best described as 'handy' but wouldn't it be lovely to live somewhere pretty? Do you live in a pretty area? - I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

...Best Day...

Ridiculously simple card today - I'm up to my 'oxters' in shipping our Summer promo... I used my Best Day stamp and inked it up with various Versacolour shades of red and orange, I love Versacolour ink - it blends beautifully on the stamp. I stamped on a panel that I have cut with Scalloped Stitched Rectangles and sponged with distress Marmalade ink... added a few sequins from the Old Gold shaker mix - then ran back to the stock room.... catch you later!

Here's what I used:

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

...Making way for Winter

Six years ago, when WMS began, I thought that I would always try to keep everything in stock. Six years later and I'm learning that there is only so much stock that my small property can hold. I have reached critical mass this past year and every time I stock up for a new release I lose vital areas of living space. I simply don't have the space required and I am going to have to finally let go of some of my much loved sets. 

The only sets I plan restocking are the 'A good Egg' 'Candy Wagon'and 'My Island' sets, but those are not scheduled for replenishment this year.

Quantities are limited - and once they are gone, they are gone (aside from the Eggs, Wagon and Island sets mentioned and the Ocean bound dies) Please be sure to select your basket ALL from the same shipping location - orders with split baskets may be delayed or lose out on items. 

We ship from USA to USA only. We ship from UK to everywhere including USA.

Items are individually discounted some from 50% off to 75% off. Stock levels are normally accurate, however if we find that an item is oversold, we will refund the sale item  immediately. All sales form this promotion are final. Sale will run until 30th June or stocks run out, whichever comes first. Some items are low inventory already though, so early visitors will have best pickings!