Tuesday, 2 December 2014

...release schedule for this evening

Folks placing orders this evening might like to know that we will be giving a little Freebie with the first 50 orders over £60GBP. You don't need to purchase new release items to qualify, ANY orders over £60GBP will qualify, this is an ideal opportunity to pick up a few sets as gifts for your crafty friends - The promotion will also work if you are purchasing WMS gift cards for your buddies - just be sure to place your order as soon after 7.15pm as possible so that you stand a good chance of being in the first 50! Qualifying orders will receive this Snowflake 3 steel die. It produces a die cut just over 2.5 inches in diameter.

And just fyi...

7:00PM 2nd December my time is approximately equal to:

In the USA - Missouri 1.00pm
In the USA - Florida 2.00pm
In the USA - New York 2.00pm
In Australia - Queensland  3 Dec 5:00 AM (sorry ladies!)
In Canada - Alberta 12:00 PM
In South Africa - 9:00PM
In Japan - 3 Dec 4:00 AM (sorry ladies!)
In Russia - Moscow - 10:00PM 

Here's the snowflake die 'in action' - Tosha cut it out in felt and applied it to a mitten to make a cute Winter decoration idea!

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  1. How sweet of you! I already have this die and is is stunning - you will love it ladies!


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