Friday, 8 August 2014

...unplugging for a week

Folks just a heads up to let you know that I am taking a week off work to spend some time with the wee folks before school starts. I will be around, but I will be unplugging from the computer for a week. Orders shipping to USA residential addresses will still be going out, but shipping for all other orders will stop tonight (Friday) and resume next weekend. Many thanks for your understanding.


  1. Have a happy week off, and enjoy time with the family! And then... hurry back!

  2. Have a good one Claire. I have a few days with the grandkids next week, day trips to London, the coast, castles, museums. I am sooooo excited I can't wait - bet you and your wee folk are too huh? Then because we will be worn out hubby and I are off to house sit for friends in Yorkshire. We will be in much need of a rest by then LOL! Enjoy!


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