Thursday, 7 August 2014 know you're getting on a bit when....

Folks are selling stuff on ebay that you had as a kid.... like this rocker, I had a rocker exactly like this one, scary eyes and all (I was a decade or two after the 50's but still....) ths guy is selling it on ebay like it was a vintage 'find' lol! cool.

And these:

there was a whole set of these in the garage, my dad used to keep nails and screws in them, he was the eternal footerer and one of my sunniest memories is standing at the wide open door of the garage, sun shining behind me, while I 'helped' dad by sorting nails, Charlie Pride was singing about crystal chandeliers in the background, precious.


I absolutely loved this. i had the version with the dog. Loved it. No clue what happened to it, could be in a roofspace somewhere yet...

what about you, seen anything on ebay lately that brings it all back?


  1. I REMEMBER that treehouse-good times! :)

  2. Oh, I loved that tree house!! Wish I still had mine!

  3. Oh yes, I've been seeing things at "Antique" stores that we had at home when I was young!!! And sometimes I wish I had those items back: like you I wonder where they went!! :-) Hugs, H


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