Tuesday, 22 July 2014

...New dies in store, The Count, Halloween Party Witch, Ocean Bound...

 Just last eve I got a delivery of dies that I have been waiting for - I'm super excited to add the new 'The Count' dies to the store (matches The Count Stamp set) along with dies for the Halloween Party Witch and two sets of Ocean Bound dies also. you can click the images below to get to them in the store.

The Count Die set

The Halloween Party Witch die set

Ocean Bound Anchors

Ocean Bound Ships and Wheels

I went ahead and popped them in-store this morning because quite frankly our next release is too big already... there will be more info on this in our newsletter which will go out shortly.

For my card today I used the die to cut a 'window' in the lovely patterned paper which I am using as a card front. I sponged and scuffed it for a little shabby chic. I simply stamped himself onto some smooth white card and popped him in behind the window. A very simple panel was cut with a ruler for the sentiment - I love how the 20's inspired font on the trick or Treat sentiment from Gracie at Halloween looks just like it was made to go with this guy. I distressed the panel and little and simply stuck it on.

If you look close at The Count's cape, you will see that the wee clasps are actually silver metal - I discovered that the flat ends on some jewellery findings I had stashed away were the exact perfect size and so I snipped them off and stuck them on the card - I have a couple of little tips for this below if you plan on doing something similar.

I used one of those long pins, with a flat head - you can see that I have a dark copper one laying here on the red foam beside a die cut of The Count

After I place the pin in the pliers and BEFORE I snip, I place a piece of sellotape over the flat pin head - this stops the flat head pinging off into oblivion when you snip.

Once you have snipped, your flat metal pin head will be easily located on the sellotape, take it from there with a pair of tweezers and apply to the counts lapels.  The flat head may well have a little stalk still attached and so it's a good idea to pierce the image with a pin to give the stalks something to bed into. I pierced, then applied glue to the image and then pushed the little metal pieces into the image, I was able to wipe away excess glue before it dried. I recommend a very strong glue for this.

Hope it tickles!


  1. I haven't crafted much with so much going on over the last few months but I'm excited at the prospect of a new release YAY! It may just be the kick start I need Claire and new stamps never hurt huh?

  2. Did someone say there would be a new release soon?! I love the ocean bound dies and can't wait to see what else you have up your sleve!

  3. Loving the new Count die!!! Hope to get one.

  4. Cant wait! Off to get my dies!

  5. Very happy for the Ocean Bound dies! Looking forward to the new release!

  6. Great looking card Claire!! I can't wait to see what is up with your new release!! :-) Hugs!!

  7. A big release coming - yippee !!!


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