Monday, 7 July 2014

...Flat Congrats

ED - I'd love to Suezie, If I can ever get enough art together to do say a half a dozen of them I will cost it out, it would be so cool!

Good afternoon, hope you had a nice weekend, I have a really super simple fast one layer card for you - well ok technically it's a two layer, but it is completely flat!

While I was blitzing the craft room this weekend I found a piece of printed paper that I had run out onto glossy photo paper - its a paper from the Folk Art Clean Digital paper collection - you can just see it peeking out here, 5th from the left. There's also a darker navy version, 2nd from left and it makes a great Wedding-y type card - this card is destined for a couple of folks I know overseas who have just tied the knot.

I had printed it out smaller than the 12 inch full size - this is the beauty of digital papers - and all I had to do was just trim it to fit a card front. I stamped the 'congratulations' (Gift card it stamp set) in brown onto the blank ribbon area - perfect. Versacolour Pinecone ink seemed to work best on this glossy paper - other inks were not so happy to give a good impression on the gloss - I tried it on a scrap piece first.

 I was all pleased with myself thinking it will cost buttons to post when I remembered that I also have a gift to post, lol!

Hope it tickles!


  1. Beautiful! Do you ever have plans to release your own DP pads Claire? My printer ink cartridges cost a bomb and don't seem to last 5 minutes! I'd be in card heaven with a 6 x 6 paper pad like this :-)

  2. Super clean, simple and lovely card. The soft blue is just fab! Have fun getting the present :)

  3. Lovely card and oh so perfect for your friends!!

  4. I hate using this word, but it fits, AMAZING! Digital genius!

  5. Love that soft blue! Beautiful!

  6. I'd love to see your work in papers too: My printer doesn't print as well as the professionals do!! Lovely card Claire: i've got a few wedding cards to make, and this is a lovely one to CASE. Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, H

  7. Gifts for overseas?
    Think M & S I(free) or
    John Lewis (not so free.
    Provided they have an M & S in their country. Love the card and ordered the digital paper.

  8. Thanks Claire - something to add to your creative 'to do list'then huh? Put me on the waiting list for one when you do :-) Hugs.


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