Thursday, 24 July 2014

...the witch

In the same vein as the vampire card (geddit???) I made this one with the witch from Halloween Party and the new dies - scroll down to the previous post, we loaded some new dies to the store this week!

The paper was lovely, but there was a little resistance to ink on the white pattern, I would have liked to have been able to mute that a little more - I did sand it down, which helped a bit, but I should have tried harder! It's still a little too busy! Anywhoo...

So if you get our newsmails you will definitely want to open the one I'm sending out this evening! (wink!) Folks receiving our mails will be getting first bite at the cherry, so to speak....

chat soon...


  1. Claire nice card! I like the background paper... but if you wanted it toned down... maybe you could sponge over it a bit with a dark color.. if your witch wasn't attached I think it would look nice with a vellum overlay and then attach the witch to that.. that would really tone down the design.. I like it though!!!

  2. Claire, any card with any paper and this witch, would be wonderful. I have lots of stamps, and she is my favorite. Every October I get out my Halloween stamps and zone right in on her. I do use others that are wonderful, but she is my ultimate witch. Yes, I'll be ordering the die.

    Oh, and as with all your cards, I would be proud if I had made this one.


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