Tuesday, 1 July 2014

...Cabin in the woods

Lots of you folks will know it has been a hectic couple of years in the Brennan household, and I don't like to rake over old ground, other than to say that a couple of things caught up with me recently and I have been doing a lot of reflecting on things that have happened, things that didn't happen and things that I would like to happen. I am not a planner by nature, but you know how sometimes you just have to shake yourself a little and do some mental organising...

So I have been a busy bee, I have not been crafting much, but I have been designing stamps to the power of 10. Design work is not something that I can really share with you before it is ready to launch, and that has meant a lot of empty days on the old blog. If I was super savvy I would get myself one of those magic web programs in which you can schedule 10 million posts ahead of time, but I find that unlike most women who are fabulous at multi-tasking, I seem to really only be able to do one thing at any one time!

I am going to plead the perfectionism ammendment here and tell you that I will not start anything unless I know that a) I have the time to do it, and b) the means to do it well.

This is pretty much a catastrophe when it comes to running a business. To run a business well I think you need to be able to keep multiple balls in the air at any one time. I am no juggler and so when I'm focusing on one ball, most of the others fall to the ground! I've been drawing and shipping and relying a LOT on our USA shipper Lynn, who is thankfully my opposite when it comes to organization skills!

Exhibit A - The craft room.

Less than a year ago I moved into this house and had big plans to organize and categorize and stylize all my crafting gear to within a milimetre, the above is what I have looked at every day for the last month as I sat at this computer drawing. It's been killing me, but I've been determined to draw and so I have ignored it...

So just in case you are checking in, thinking, " I wonder what ever happened  to old waltzingmouse...." I'm here, I'm drawing and I'm coming out to play soon!

In the meantime I have a pic of a watercolour illustration I did for a quilt that I was planning and subsequently made during that magical year when I was expecting the boy and my house was always tidy, there was always a hot meal waiting for DH and I seemed to get everything done and then some....


  1. Beautiful quilt! I'm so glad to hear that you're continuing to draw and design, I love your stamps!

  2. supporting you Claire! {hugs}

    sparkle & shine

  3. The quilt is beautiful Claire.
    I must say I've missed looking in and seeing your posts & was beginning to wonder if things were ok with you. Glad to hear that it's just all down to you being busy planning more wonderful stamps for us. Can't wait to see what's coming next. All the best.

  4. My dear Claire,
    First and foremost, JUST BE YOURSELF. You are Waltzingmouse, and we, your devoted followers, accept you and your lovely Company just as you present it to us.
    Also, You are a wife & Mum, with all the responsibilities that come with those tags. Priorities met.

    I do appreciate your candor and also your willingness to show a very human side in this business; that is what I like about you.

    Do not sell yourself short. You are not a machine, and we need more folk like yourself. With your honesty, facts forward approach, and open demeanor here on your blog and in your store we are confident of all that is right with the world, and for this I thank you. <3
    Sandy in Epping

  5. THIS IS what a WaltzingMouse must do.
    Hide away and then come and play.
    We´ll be here, waiting patiently. Looking forward to see Your beautiful design and creations. Go on girl, be creative.

  6. First of all, that is one gorgeous quilt! Seriously...there isn't anything you can't do!

    Now...I'm not sure those "wonder women" you talk of really exist. I think they are a myth like the Loch Ness Moster! It is impossible to do it all, and I am constantly encouraged by you and your priorities! I think you are absolutely amazing!!

  7. Claire--I can 100% understand where you're coming from. You are one person with a real life outside of your online presence. You're not a corporation--and that personal touch is part of why your customers love you so much.

  8. worries! I can only function with one thing at a time.. and honestly, sometimes i just need some extra time to do all those other things in life that need my attention... I have felt guilty for not making much of an appearance.. so if you forgive me, i forgive you!!!I'm sure what you are doing will be fabulous and we will all be delighted by the outcome!

  9. Although I've wondered now and then, and hoped that all is well, my first thought regarding your bloggy absence has really been, "She must be drawing!"

    It's the same for me. A lot of drawing lately, and very little... well... no ... blogging, no papercrafting.

    Keep on being true to yourself, and your fans are waiting patiently for the fruits of your labors!

  10. So good to hear from you Claire! Life and family have to come first. But I'm looking forward to seeing your new designs! Hugs, Deborah x

  11. No sweat Claire - some things in life are just way more important and everything else can wait - what could be more important than new stamp designs huh? LOL! Just kidding. We love ya just the way you are. Good to hear from you tho'. You have been much missed m'dear. Hugs.

  12. Glad you are OK. Your craft room looks positively organised and tidy compared to mine! You have had a hectic time recently and ought to have a rest without feeling guilty. x

  13. Love the quilt Claire! I am so happy to hear you are at the drawing board. I just posted a tag today using only WMS products and I said how much I missed using them. Time is so precious. I thought you were going to say you did not have time for WM anymore and that would have been very sad. So nice to hear from you. Hugs!

  14. Don't beat yourself up girlie. just keep on doing what you are doing, we all like it! Lots of love, Kate xxx

  15. Hello Claire
    Just do one thing at a time, and do it well..better than lots of things not so well!
    Take care and enjoy your life !
    Love Marg

  16. Greetings Claire! So good to hear from you! And I wish I could see the finished quilt, it must be a beauty. Looking forward to all the goodies that are coming our way! Now smile and get busy on that craft room!

  17. Beautiful painting and I am so glad to hear you are still working behind the scenes on more beautiful stamps! Take care!

  18. glad to hear the update. I was getting worried. and the quilt watercolor is gorgeous.

  19. Yes, we have missed you: good to know what you have been up to! :-) And that is one beautiful quilt design: I can see your artistic eye comes out to play whether it is in stamps, painting, or quilts. You couldn't perhaps show us the finished quilt that came from that design, could you? And the messy craft room is just a sign of a creative mind!! (That's what I keep telling myself anyway!! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, Helen

  20. Great to hear from you Claire. My Mum used to say that Rome wasn't built in a day. Things of quality take time and you are one woman, not a multi-million dollar conglomerate. We appreciate your work and we are willing to wait for it. That said, cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve!! Cheers.

  21. I am glad to hear all is well Claire. I was getting a wee bit worried. I know all too well that little perfectionist gene that only wants to start that which can be finished and finished well. I quit my teaching job when my boy was small because I felt that I couldn't teach well and parent well at the same time. Luckily as he got a bit older I was able to go back. But I do understand it! And moving! Oh what a bear that is!!! But I am glad to hear you are good! :)

  22. Claire so glad that you are busy with your design hat on. I know that I feel the same when it comes to juggling! I am realizing that my idea of what I can do in a day and the reality of what actually can get done are two totally different things! LOL! Can't wait to see what loveliness you are creating!


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