Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sneak peek some more....

Good morning! I have another peek for you today - It's another mini set! It's a 3x4 inch set designed to go with an existing set, BUT it also works as a complete set in it's own right!! So you can snap up a little morsel of WMS and try us out if you haven't already!!

Admittedly the two stamps shown here are just the teensiest misleading....maybe...but if you're a wms regular you'll see it right away!!

We're only 2 days away from DT samples and I absolutely cannot wait!


  1. Could it be a mini for the half pint sets...either way it looks great.

  2. You gotta kiss a frog!! Love it!

  3. Kissed so many of those I have warts on my lips!

  4. Cant wait, hurry up July 1st

  5. Eeeek....I could kiss that frog (and not even worry about germs :))!!!


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