Sunday, 29 April 2012

...Moxie Fab Chance!! don't miss out!

Ladies, I've been knee deep in medical gear, getting my mum moved back home after her spell in Hospital, but I absolutely could not miss the 5 mins it took to pop on here and let you gals know that if you manage to leave a comment on the Moxie Fab blog today, BEFORE midnight US time, you could be in with a chance to win!!! Quick, get over there NOW!!

I am indebted to Cath for featuring us on her blog and I welcome you if you are new to us as a result of finding us through the magnificent Moxie Fab blog!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Clare! Hope your Mum is on the mend now.

    Lynn Wild

  2. Well, done you! Good luck with mum. Take time for yourself, don't forget.

  3. Such great news claire..I am so happy to hear your mum is coming home again!Hope she feels much better soon..being in your own house and bed is so much better then in hospital.


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