Monday, 30 May 2011

...a few snaps

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! We took yesterday off after a wildly busy week and just relaxed! Here are a few snaps of our travels for your viewing pleasure, and also to distract you from the fact that I haven't made anything in what seems like ages!!!!

I need to get my skates on tho' as we will be having our June SOAP event this week starting Wednesday!!! The girls and I will be revisiting the sets released in May so that you will have even more inspiration and some neat new examples now that some of you guys actually have the stamps to hand - I do love this idea and I sure hope you guys will find it useful!

So, how is the two month thing working for you? I'm finding it real tough not to blab bout what is coming in July, so far we have 8 new sets confirmed and there are more pending!!!! I'm finding that I'm just as busy as ever, even though I have a wonderful friend who is helping me at present! I don't know if it's just because we're only just begun with the two month thing, or if things are just getting busier all round, but it sure feels like it's time for WMS to expand a little more!!!

Anyhow, knowing me, and the work I have to do today, and the fact that I am bursting at the seams to show you guys a little of what I've been getting ready for July, I may just post a little sneak tomorrow on the old blog.... I think we could have a little competition maybe.... I'll see what I can rustle up!!!

Anyhow, in the meantime, here's the scoop on the pics, they were all taken at locations along the North Antrim Coast:

Top is the Antrim Coast - the beach at Waterfoot.

Just below is a dinky little estate agent sign I spotted in Cushendall - how cute is this?? Click on the pics to make them bigger!

The gateway (well, one of them) into Glenarm Castle - how gorgeous are those hinges - you know they're gonna turn up in a stamp set someday...

One of the entrances to Glenarm Castle - we didn't go in on this occasion,  we're saving that for another day!

 Along the wall of Glenarm Castle

Ok, I'm off to make stuff! See y'all later!


  1. Gorgeous photos and yes, those hinges are amazing!

  2. Oh these pics are like out of a novel! Gorgeous. 8 sets in july!! Wow, WMS is busy because it rocks!!!

  3. Fabulous photos! Love the idea of those hinges as a stamp. Looks like you had a bit more sunshine than we did. The two month thing works brilliantly for me, as I've not long discovered you and keeping up with all your beautiful stamps could prove tricky!

  4. WOW stunning beautiful TFS sweetie :) Hugs x

  5. The 2 months between releases just makes us that bit more eager to see where your imagination has run to this time. You design great stamp sets that we all want - that's why you are busier.

    Thanks for including these beautiful photos - one day we will get to Ireland, till then we will just dream.

  6. Lovely photos, Claire!!! Good thing you took the day off!!! Curious about what you'll come up with for the new July release! ;-)
    Hugs, Wendy

  7. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! Brought back memories from many, many years ago when I volonteered at a Heart, chest and stroke center in Lisnaskea, Fermanagh and afterwards travelled the North coast - must be one of the most beautiful places on earth - you are lucky to have it so close!
    + can't wait to see what you have planned for us!!!

  8. Beautiful Claire. I'm always thrilled to see when you have posted pictures of around "home". I had my passport photos taken yesterday...I may be popping up at your door. HA!

  9. Claire, your photos are spectacular. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your beautiful country.

    The 2 month release timetable works for me. It's nice to see more inspiration once the stamps are in my hands.

    Can't wait to see what those 8 stamp sets might be! Oh, and if you include that hinge in a set one of these days, you know it will be mine! Love the hinges as well as the scrollwork in the estate agent sign. That would be great in a stamp, too!

  10. So glad you got to spend some time relaxing. I love that the release are every other month but I also start to get a little antsy about what may be coming next... it's always so exciting to see what your brilliant brain comes up with! ;)

  11. Fab photos. It looks like you really enjoyed your well deserved day off. Thanks again for the incredibly speedy service' it's appreciated so much more when we hear just how busy you've been.

    Oh yes! Hinges as stamps! Please don't make us wait too long for those!!!!! They would be a brilliant addition to the range.
    Sharon xx

  12. I love the 2 month releases! The SOAP release day is a favorite, because I am inspired, and with stamps in hand, can recreate my favorites, giving them my own twist of course!

  13. Gorgeous pics, Claire. I need to plan another trip to your beautiful country.

  14. Ireland is so beautiful, I hope to visit someday.

  15. What wonderful photos Claire - you really should get some commission from the Irish Tourist Board!!! I will visit soon.

    I like the two month release - it gives me lots of time to play with my new stamps - and I'm loving the doilies and the Say It Loud set. Looking forward to the SOAP roundup and then to July!!

  16. Whew, Claire!! I'm glad you distracted us with the pics!! What beautiful places (in Calif 150 years old earns a Historical marker!)so I can't even come to imagine how amazing it would be to live with such old, beautiful stone buildings!! And now that you've teased us with the thought of a sneak peak, you'd better follow through with it ;-) Hugs from Helen L.

  17. P.S. Yes, we'd love to see those hinges in a set someday!!!

  18. Gorgeous country you live Claire!
    Look forward to the next review..I think its better every two months a stamp hope it will start to work better for you too!

  19. Gorgeous photos....everything is lush green, the little hand painted sign is very quaint, and the castle is magnificent. Waterfoot...beautiful inlet!
    fabulous photos, claire.
    Anticipating the release, too!!

  20. Fab photos Claire, one day, I will be visiting your wonderful side of the world!!
    ... and I am curious of the new sets, will be coming to Germany soon, and that means, I can order sooo wahooo!!

  21. I thought the same thing when I saw those hinges- yay!
    You have been missed-as have your creations!-and I look forward to seeing some fun sneak peeks.
    Good times ahead :)

  22. It's awesome!!! And put me on the list for a stamp set containing those hinges!!!!!!

    It's great that you had the opportunity to take some time for a rest... we all need that from time to time.

    Hoping there is a sneak peek tomorrow!!! :)

  23. I say it every time you do these posts... I am aching to go back to the UK!!

  24. Wow, beautiful photos! The top one reminds me a bit of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. My fav is the castle though. Wow, what a gorgeous setting. Glad to see that you had a little break from the business.

    Looking forward to SOAP this week! And pleeze, purty pleeze, give a July sneak peek. Eight sets??!! Guess I'd better place an order to make room on my list for all the new stuff. LOL.

  25. Claire, the last time we were on the beach in Waterfoot it was a glorious summer's day until a cloud decided to join us for a while! The strange thing is that it was a couple of hundred yards down the beach, having rolled in from the glen while we were enjoying the sun a little closer to the car park! Weird huh?

  26. I want to come there.....


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