Wednesday, 1 June 2011

... June SOAP

teeny weeny sneaky peeky

Good morning and welcome to the June SOAP event at Waltzingmouse Stamps! - Just in case you are new to us, we release new stamps every two months. In the in-between months we have our SOAP events where we showcase ideas and samples to inspire you now that you (hopefully, post permitting, lol) have your new goodies to hand!!

We have 4 days of gorgeous new samples for the recent May sets:

Dainty Doilies Large
Dainty Doilies small
Join Us
Say it Loud
Gingham & Co.

and we will be revisiting one of our older sets -

Free Spirit Boy

We're excited about the feedback we've had for our SOAP events - our Stamp Of Approval Parades and we very much hope that by having these events we can help you really get the very best value out of your WMS purchases!! Thank you!

I don't have a Soap creation today!! shock, horror!! I know, but yesterday really didn't pan out the way it was supposed to... unexpected trip to the doc with a little, but thankfully some magic ointment will make it all better...

What I do have is a little sneaky of July tho'.....I know, I shouldn't, but there are 8 sets lined up for July!! One of them is my favest ever!!!! and one lucky commenter on the FB page has already won a delicious new set, BUT I can't tell you who it is, cos that's giving the game away right?? lol, anyhow, do you like my little friend at the top there? He's very close to my heart!! lol.

Right, enough waffle about July, let's take another look at May - here are the WMS DT ladies, let's see what the girls got up to!!

Belinda Chang Langner
Bonnie Sharp
Carly Robertson
Claire Brennan
Jennifer Holmes
Julia Aston
Kate Whelan
Laurie Schmidlin
Lynn Mercurio
Mona Pendleton
Niki Estes
Sandie Dunne
Tosha Leyendekker


  1. Oh... likey, likey! off to check out the ladies creations.

  2. Claire - I do hope your little one is feeling better. And that you are too!

    I'm looking forward to the sneak peeks - do I spy a silhouette set?

    And the DT have come up with a stunning array of cards on Day 1 of SOAP - looking forward to the rest!

  3. What beautiful samples from all the team! I just had a very enjoyable time seeing them all and got lots of inspiration.

    As for the sneak peek - oh, so gorgeous!!


  4. I am sooooo dancing with ants in my pants waiting for a cowgirl set!!! Can't wait!!!!!!! :)

  5. Loving the sneaky peek! July seems so far away! Hope the little one is all better soon.

  6. SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL I can't believe my eyes Claire.... Silhouettes....I remember suggesting this over on the forum...what other company does this.......Claire you ROCK girl!

    Excited Dot Com :D


    Ali x

  7. Fab cards from the ladies as always! LOVE the sneaky peek too :D

  8. Excited to see the sneakie peeks!

  9. Great projects as ever and liking the naughty little sneeky peeky ;-)
    Hope the magic ointment does the trick.
    Tara x

  10. Looking forward to the hop... but that sweet silhouette has me dancing in my jammies... LOVE it!

  11. I am new here...thanks for filling us new folk in on what goes on here....much appreciated sweetie! Have a great day! :) Hugs x

  12. I am so loving that sweet little sneeky peek and can't wait to see what my birthday month will bring at the release :)

  13. I love all the ideas!

    Hope the little one gets better soon.

  14. The first thing I thought when I saw the silhouette was that it must be one of your kiddos... is that why it is near and dear? ;) I love it!!

  15. Loving SOAP and the sneak peek is just too much! Can't wait for July and June is a mere 13 hours old! ;)

  16. Love the sneak peak, Claire. Did you use one of your wee ones for the model? That would be so sweet. Looking forward to July - now off to see the SOAP sisters.

  17. who doesn't luv a little sneak peek.....hehehehe...I can't wait to see what to come!

  18. With 8 sets coming out we should get 2 sneek peeks a week (hey, that rhymes!). And maybe not so teeny weeny? :)

    Hope the little is feeling better.

  19. Hi Claire - hope your little one gets well really soon. Love the SOAP designs and that little sneaky peak - oh my, so lovely.

  20. Oh my goodness!! You have silhouettes in store for us?!!! I'm so excited!!! I've been in love with the traditional papercutting called Scherenschnitte that I saw done for the first time in a little central Calif town, Solvang, that was first settled by the Danish. Anyway, that style of papercutting creates beautiful silhouette images and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us: you big tease:-)

  21. The sneek peak is so sweet...(your son?)
    Can't wait to see all the other new stamps are really teasing us!
    Hope your little one feels better very soon!

  22. I think the new Dainty Doilies big beautiful. You can say very nice things to make. The other new ones are also very nice.

    Greetings Astrid.

  23. Wow, what inspiration! And, I absolutely LOVE the sneak peak for July (although its not fair teasing us like that!!!) I have 3 small boys that the sillouette would be perfect for!!!


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