Thursday, 11 February 2010

...versatile frames...and a question...

ED - you should see what my buddy put in her baskets!

Ed - Diane!!! now there's an idea I like!! lol! Good woman yourself!!!

I just had time this morning to make up a quick card, they're the best kind sometimes! lol. I needed a lovey-dovey guy card, one he hasn't seen already for Valentines! He is Mr Practical and pinks and reds and frills just don't cut it with him!lol

There are so many of the circle stamps from the latest release that I want to play with! The winner this morning was the little simple wreath frame from the Faux Fun circle Nestie friendly set.

I stamped the wreath in in green first and then stamped one of the sprig designs also inlcuded in the set around the outside. TIP - line the tip of your sprig stalk up with every 4th dot on the wreath for perfect alignment! The I took the other sprig, which bends in the opposite direction and stamped again in green around the image. I continued stamping with the sprig in Antique Linen to finish the background.

I stamped the wee heart and sentiment from the Sweethearts set and sponged profusely with Antique Linen! lol, Some simple piercing and a bit of Machine stitching finished it off! I was short on time and used my sewing machine to make the pierced border around the Kraft card mat, I just left the needle unthreaded, simple pimple!

I love how this turned out.

Stamp Designs

When I am designing stamps I try very hard to make them yours, lol, what I mean by that is that I try to design stamps that will fit in with the plethora of styles and techniques that you all use, I love to think that you can make all sorts of cards with my designs and that they work equally well for folks who love vintage as they do for those who love modern. I have vintage leanings of course but you will notice that they are a sort of vintage modern hybrid!

I like to think that my stamps are the tools and building blocks that you can use to make your creations your own and for that reason I add as many little accessory stamps as I can to my sets. I tend not to use existing graphic vintage images and pre-made patterns although there are many available to use. I like to draw up my own patterns as this allows me, from a stampers point of view, to build stamps that have versatility and hopefully don't impose my character on your cards.

I think clean fresh graphics are the best way to achieve this, you can dirty them up or streamline them as you see fit and they become yours instantly. That's what I love about stamping and that's what I hope to pass on to you.

I am loving these Spellbinder friendly sets, they are so versatile and It's nice to have all the options for your chosen die in one set. I deliberately develop each stamp set to co-ordinate with one die. That way you can pick the set that matches your die and have a multitude of options for that die, and this ensures that your purchase won't include stamps that you have no die for.

Hope that makes sense! lol


Anyone ordered the Spellbinders Nestability Eggs for Easter? I have. Can't, can you say 'surprise'?


  1. Thanks for helping me think "outside of the circle" the sprigs and your sponging. Handsome card!

  2. LOVE the card... absolutely brill... may just have to scraplift!!!
    Nestability eggs.... hmmmm.... and a "surprise".... mega hmmmmm.... to purchase or not to purchase, that is the question. I'm sure you come up with a good reason LOL!!!
    Angela xxx.

  3. You make my jaw drop every time. Beautiful, beautiful card!

  4. I love, love this card and the versatility of this set is so fabulous! I can't wait to get mine in the mail soon!! Maybe even today!

  5. Simply superb!!!!!!! Wonderful card lovely color

  6. Wonderful, Claire!!! I haven't ordered the Nestie eggs.. yet.. but I think thanks to you I will be very shortly... :)

  7. Claire - this is absolutely gorgeous - lush, warm, and manly!

  8. First of all that is a gorgeous card Claire!! I love your wreath! I'm glad you said all of that about your designs. One thing I really love about them is that I can make them mine so easily. I can make the same stamp rustic, elegant or vintage. Your stamps are the greatest that way! I tend to stamp with someone specific in mind so that is important to me. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve and I'm off to look for egg nesties....

  9. WOW Claire what a wonderful card

  10. Claire, I love how you "embellished" the little leaf circle to make it spread out, just beautiful and so CREATIVE! I haven't ordered the Spellbinders eggs; I'm thinking of ordering Heather's egg die from PTI as it only costs 5.00. I hope that if you design some egg stamps that they will fit in that die as well as the Spellbinders ;)

  11. Just amazing, Claire. Thank you for sharing a little bit of insight into your design process. It seems like right now there is an overwhelming amount of stuff coming into the stamping world.. I like to know that I can achieve whatever look I want using your stamps (well, I knew that already, that's why I love them so!)

  12. What a beautiful card, Claire! I love what you said about your designs and I love your sensibility. It is so fun to have something to use with all of my nesties!! Squares, please?? :) I guess I have to go buy the egg, now and I still need the heart.

  13. Hi Claire

    Love your idea this card is so beautiful.So romantic.
    (did you receive my e-mail)


  14. I think one of the main reasons your designs are so loved is this simple fact: you design from a stampers point of view. It really makes a difference! Not only can we take your designs and run with them in our own way, you help guide us with new directions each time you post a card. I love that!
    I'm sure your hubby will love this card- it truly is a wonder :)

  15. well there's no suprise you go for the more vintage style, I love the whole 'rustic' look, and your card with the leaves and dots is fab. I nearly baught some nesties today. I'm another one that would perhaps like some squares?

  16. Beautiful viney wreath Claire! You're creative designs are so inspiring!

  17. This card is absolutely beautiful, Claire!

    And I did preorder some new Spellbinders dies, but not the Easter egg.

    I'm beginning to think that was a mistake ;)

  18. It all makes perfect sense to me! And I adore this card! Since I'm not nearly as right brained as I'd like to be, I'm one who needs to be shown ways to use stamps that aren't so obvious. That's one of the reasons I like hanging around with you so much!



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