Thursday, 22 October 2009


ED - actually Jak, yes i do.

I was just fine with my 'stage' in life until last week. It's all Colin's fault.

Colin works with my husband, sounds like nice chap, works hard, good sense of humour. Quite often folks with a good sense of humour are very astute in many other ways...they're good at spotting things most of us just don't see.

So it is with Colin.

Colin spotted that folks of a certain age make a little noise when bending down to pick stuff up. A little 'hhnnngh' noise, just a teeny little, strain-releasing groan, right at the moment of furthest exertion when you are reaching for that thing you've dropped on the floor.

Colin gleefully pointed this out to my DH, who gleefully pointed it out to me, and now I'm pointing it out to you.

I'm not gleeful because I have reached that stage in life.

I do it.

All the time.

When I've been bending down to pick up the toys from the floor. To lift the mat. To reach under the bed for the shoes.


Every time.

It's not like I haven't tried not to, but it gets me every time, I make the wee noise, then I become aware that I've made the wee noise, then I think of Colin smirking all over his face !

I'll bet Colin doesn't grunt when he bends over. The stinker.

I have no idea whether I have always made the wee noise or whether it started recently.

The only consolation I have, is that now you've read this, you'll be thinking about it too. You'll picture me smiling all over my face and i won't feel old and lonely anymore!! LOL

ps, this is my second post today, scroll down for Postal strike news regarding the store!


  1. Oh you made me laugh! I do it too... and this other thing that my kids pointed out that everytime I talk - apparently - at the end of the sentence and especially the end of a laugh I make this little "sigh" kind of noise that's kind of like letting air out of a balloon. Nothing like making us self-conscious, huh?? :-)

  2. Thanks a lot!! I do it every once in a while, but now I will NEVER forget it!! On the bright side, I do believe stretching helps. I LOVE your blog and stamps, nice work, I wish continued success!! Thanks for the laugh today too...

  3. Ok yep I do this too and thanks for pointing this out to me lol!
    Now lets all have a reality check here because I'm damned if this nice Colin chap is going to get away with it,
    Claire and all your nice readers... are you listening?
    you know when you are getting old when...... you bend to pick something up and the hhnngh noise doesn't come out of the top end but it does come out of the bottom end (urghhhh)
    feel better now Claire???? (giggle)

  4. Oh thanks, you two (Claire & Jak) much-younger-ladies, for pointing out BOTH these "little noises"! I've already passed Stage 1 and for me it IS old age; now I'll have that second stage to NOT look forward to!!! LOL!!! All one can hope is maybe most of those around you by then are nearly deaf too?!!!

  5. you can bend down?? I can bend down but I can't get up! LOL

  6. I totally do this...LOL! And my son is named Colin and he is definitely a smirker!

  7. so funny. I do it too and I don't realize I'm doing it when I'm doing it. Each and every time, I think how weird it is when I hear myself doing it!!!

  8. You are tooooo funny!! Thanks for the chuckle! I am not going to admit that I do or do not do this :)

  9. you are so hilarious!!! now I will pay attention to that! :)
    Glad to hear about the new supplier!! Hope it works out well for you!!! ((HUGS))

  10. Wee little noise? Not only is mine fairly loud, if I have to bend over to the foor I have to shout out 'Going down' all over the house, so he will pay attention and come rescue me if he hears funny noises coming from upstairs!!

  11. you made me laugh!!! Thanks for that.... mmmh, I make this noise too- argh.... you will me in my mind often now LOL... love your waffle section!

  12. well - yes Claire - I'm also in the club if you absolutely must know! Although I've even gone further into it - I sometimes groan when I stand up from sitting due to a little bit of arthritis creeping into my knees!! Oh joy, oh joy ---- what a fun club!!! At least we can all laugh about it!!

  13. Well, I'm in good company then! LOL - I will pay extra close attention tho, to see if I do it all the time, or just once in a while -- I guess that will tell me if I'm REALLY old, or just kind of.

    Similar thing happened to my husband about a year or so ago -- one of the 'kids' on the job said 'yeah, you should do that -- all the old guys have that'...I don't exactly remember WHAT he was referring to, but the 'all the old gys have that' really stuck with me...:)

  14. made me laugh! Will have to see if I make this noise next time I bend down to pick something up (so at some point in the next hour prob. with 3 messy little people).

  15. Ah yes, you are not alone. I have reached the stage when I make the noise as I climb the stairs sometimes to my craft room! LOL Is this an advanced stage? What a hoot! Best, Curt

  16. I am not sure I should thank you for pointing this out to me, but I do thank you for making me laugh! Now I will have to see if I actually CAN bend over without the sound effects. Best wishes.

  17. LOL! Yes! I know exactly of the "wee noise" that escapes my lips when I bend to pick up a toy (or 20) or anything else off the floor. Once it escapes that first time, it is almost like it becomes an instant habit and it is near impossible to hold back.
    Consider yourself as joining a wonderful group of individuals who are sometimes exasperated by the blessings of having little ones in the house. Our work is never done.
    And Colin? He can stick a cork in that smirk of his (*wink*)

  18. Oh Clare, don't feel bad! I'm not even 30 and I do that all the time. LOL

  19. You are just too funny! I am definitely in the same category but have more trouble getting up than going down! My DH is always commenting about the creaks & pops! I have no excuses except "old age"! I just retired and one of the doctors I worked was telling me that the only problem with retirement was there wasn't anything to look forward to. You know how we always are planning for the next stage--being an adult, getting out of school, after the kids are grown, etc.--hey, not much after retirement! Emphasizes the need to capture the moment--noises and all! Thanks for the laugh!

    Also, when you have a chance, please check my blog. Posted cards yesterday and today using Waltzingmouse stamps. Just love them......

  20. Well it looks like I'm not alone in this! Even my knees and hips make noises now! I really enjoyed reading your post and the comments. Thanks for the laugh Claire! I wonder what Colin would think if he knew about our giggles?!

  21. Well thanks a bunch you lot! I laughed so much I started coughing. Strange noises coming out from all over lol
    Love Lynne xxx

  22. Billy Connelly did a piece about this at one time and every time I hear myself (yes, I am THAT stage too!) I see him in my head so I know exactly what you mean!! Oh, well, it's better than the alternative!

  23. Growing older is not for wimps! Just wait until your knees creak. When I walk upstairs it sounds like someone has put a microphone to my knees and the sound echos all around. Arthur has moved in and I'm afraid he'll never leave!

  24. Don't worry Colin will be there someday too! You'll just have to wait patiently and you'll be able to tease him about the same thing!

    I received my stamp order today, they are really nice. I'm playing with them today.


  25. I have to smile when you talk about these "noises"...most of mine are from the bottom end also, but I just turn around and say to one of my dogs, "what are you barking at??" and they just give me a dumb look. One time it happened and they ran to the door and started barking, I think they thought someone was knocking at the No you are not alone in the noise s department...
    Hugs, Millie..

  26. Very funny I never really thought about it either.


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