Wednesday, 10 February 2010

...and breathe...

The last thing out the door are always the shipping notices!! I just finished sending them out - I apologise for the ridiculousness of sending out shipping notices several days after you have received your goods - UK folk, that is. LOL, but they are a necessary step before I can finalize the transactions. It feels good to be on this side of them!!

American/Canadian/Australia and Europe, your stuff is well on its way and will be with you in a few days.

Any minute now (ie a day or two) I will be releasing my first downloadable template and SVG files!!! yaayyyy - I'll send out a newsmail to celebrate!!! Don't forget to sign up for newsmails in the wee box on the right if you want one!! Btw these are store emails, the blog updates may be got by signing in under the blinkie on the left..clear as mud?


  1. Oh I can't wait to get my sets!! Thank you for the update!

  2. Actually, not sooo ridiculous...I get the mail during the day at work and when I get home: tadaaaaaa. I feel like a kid on Christmas day. LOOOOVE the sets. You've brightened up my crappy snow-traffic filled day!

  3. I'm waiting with baited breathe for the release of your template! I love 3D, and I'm really excited about this one - I've been and bought the eggs to fill it already! Great release as always Claire.

  4. Congratulations on another successful release Claire! I'm really looking forward to the template too!

  5. Yahooooo the stamps have arrived!!! WOW they are better in real life than on the blog, even. The basket set is just so versatile and the circles are just perfect. Tell your girlies that I love the skinny and fatty bees!!!
    Angela xxx.


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