Sunday, 28 February 2010

...March new Stamps day 4 Nestie Eggs!

OOh quick check out Anya, - more gorgeousness!!!!!

Again I'm late today, apologies folks! I finished making this late last night after having a yucky cold day yesterday, the light in my house is not good for photographs so I had to wait till it was bright here today to take pics!!!

Also, pop over to see Jennifer and Belinda, their samples today are so beautiful!! The DT has really treated us this week, don't you think? I can't wait to get all of my release prep done so's I can go back and drool properly all over the ladies blogs!!! lol

AND don't miss the end of this post for very important info!

So today's project is a little eggy decoration made with stamps from the new set Nestie Eggs set releasing on Monday - a very special set designed to co-ordinate with the new Spellbinders Egg dies!!!! You can hang it up on a little Easter Egg tree or even make it up as a little teeny card, it will stand on it's own. (it is just under 3.5 inches tall, a fraction taller if you use te Spellbinders dies to cut it out) I wanted to hang mine on a tree so I have looped a little thin gold ribbon in between the layers, you can see how at the end of this post.

The main stamps used are a scalloped frame and a pair of scalloped doors!!! wee egg door stamps! how cute! The egg doors come as one stamp so that they are already perfectly lined up for you! They match a scalloped frame so that you can team them up on purpose to make these little 'opening eggs'.

You can see below how I used the egg door stamp to create the front of the decoration. I inlaid the doors with a gold and blue pattern I got by gold embossing the largest egg stamp, much like I did in this post. I just stamped the door stamp on the reverse of the gold and blue embossed image and trimmed out with a scalpel.

With the doors open you can see the egg door stamp used again to decorate the insides of the door (I overstamped the doors with the pattern from the largest egg in antique linen.)

You can also clearly see the scalloped frame. I embossed all the doors and frames with gold embossing powder. On the inside I filled my frame with the daffodils and a bow from the Spring Baskets stamp set, released last month. The sentiment comes from the Nestie Eggs set.

I made the tiny door handles from knotted thin gold ribbon, I knotted it many times to achieve a little ball shape and then threaded it back through eyelets that I had set into the blue and gold panels on the front doors. Because the doors are double thickness card you can easily hide all of the gluey bits away. I'm on the lookout for jewellery findings and little pearls and chains to make drop door handles for my next egg!! I kept mine closed with a little gold thread but those wee magnetic closure buttons would also be great for this.

I made little hinges from little bits of card a half inch wide by just over an inch and a quarter long, scored and folded in half. The very last photo in this post will show the position for these.

The back of the decoration features another egg stamp from the set, the flourishy frame, tiny cross and sentiment 'He is Risen' make up one stamp together.

From the photo below you can see that I started out with 4 complete egg shapes. This will be a snap with the Co-ordinating Spellbinders egg die but it's not too hard to get them all the same if you are trimming by hand. Here's how: stamp the scalloped frame (with a light coloured ink) onto a piece of tracing paper or vellum cardstock, something fairly transparent that you can see through, I used vellum because it is fairly stiff as well as being transparent enough. Trim it out leaving at least 1/16 of an inch between the cut edge and the stamped image. Set your transparent template aside.

Now, stamp and emboss the scallop frame 2 times on cardstock of your choice. Stamp and emboss the doors stamp 2 times on cardstock of your choice.

Position your transparent template over each stamped embossed image. Make sure that the template is evenly positioned on the stamped image, this is easy because you have the stamped image on your template as a guide. Take a sharp pencil and draw around the template. Repeat this with the other 3 stamped embossed images and trim out!! Now you have 4 eggs all the same size. The egg doors will need cut apart but this is easy as the doors them selves give a good guide, just cut down the middle with your craft knife and a ruler!

After you have finished assembling your egg, if you notice any uneveness around the edges, use an emery board or fine sanding block to smooth.

Below, add the hinges to the back of the interior egg frame and interior doors first. You can see where the copics i used on the daffodils and bow are showing through the interior egg shape, this will be covered by the back egg shape.

After you have added the front doors is a good time to add a hanging loop of ribbon. Then just add the back egg and you are done!!

Hope it tickles!!!

Would love to hear your views on this!!

Tomorrow's release

Make sure to call back tomorrow, the release goes live at 7pm my time which is so 11:00 am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1:00 pm Central, and 2:00 pm Eastern I think for the American folks, European and Australian folks I will try to find out for you!

There will be a DT blog hop and a prize AND a very special guest stamper!!!!!!!! I can't wait...ooh and something special for you...


  1. unbelievably beautiful. seriously. you rock. cannot wait to see who the guest stamper is!!

  2. I love it Claire!!! I can't wait to make some of these 'door' eggs - what a beautiful, beautiful decoration - love the gold embossing and the wonderful colors on this!!

  3. These are just gorgeous Claire! That gold embossing is like no other - fabulous creations - you are absolutely phenomenal with your ideas!

  4. So so pretty Claire! Your gold embossing is amazing and your ideas are always so unique! well done!

  5. So elegant and beautiful and innovative!! Your seriously wow me every month!! I LOVE the gold embossing!

  6. You sound better - thanks God... at least you are back with some gorgeous creativity... hope you had enough parazetamol, honey and lemon ... your mojo sure is recovered!! This egg looks beautiful!

  7. Oh Claire so beautiful!!!

    Even though you are sick you can make such stunning eggs.
    I have never ever seen a more beautiful paper egg than this one!
    (The other ones were also beautiful but I love the doors ,the secret from this one and the colours)


  8. This is incredible. It doesn't look homemade...looks like something one would buy in a vintage store...absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Oh. My! I love this idea :D
    How fresh and elegant is this rich eggie! I absolutely love embossing images and to be able to make this into a little card- with a door!- is wonderful.
    Ideas are swirling...and who is the guest stamper?!
    I can hardly wait for tomorrow :)

  10. Absolutely stunning - it looks so regal and elegant!!

  11. Do you ever get the feeling that you've posted... yet, when you come to check, you haven't? No? Just me then!!! Really original project... very beautiful... I WILL scraplift LOL!!!
    Very best wishes for a successful March launch.
    Many hugs,
    Angela xxx.

  12. This more than tickles Claire! It's pure gorgeousness!! WOW!! Your creativity knows no bounds!!

  13. Beautiful work Claire! The eggs are gorgeous! I'm anxious to see who the guest stamper is!


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