Sunday, 10 January 2010

...Shipping notices

With having dental treatment on Friday that required more sedation than my dentist actually had...I was not really in a fit state to drive the computer on Friday night!! lol, so a few shipping notices have gone out today that would normally have been sent on friday - please rest assured folks the stamps are well on their way, I got friday's orders away before I went to the dentist!

Folks waiting for Faux Fun will ship in the next day or two - I will update the blog and store with the details when I have them.

Also - folks who order from the store, please do check your junk mail folder, a few folks' shipping notices have been binned by junk mail filters!


  1. Feel better soon Claire!

  2. Hope you are feeling better, I just stopped by to say I used my stamps :)
    Cards are on my blog if you'd like a peek. Thanks.

  3. Poor you Claire! :0( Come and visit me (and my dentist) - she's really *totally* amazing.....I hope the snow is still holding out for you and your tiddleywinks!

  4. Claire, I just wanted to let you know that I am soooo pleased to have received my First two sets of Waltzingmouse stamps! I ordered them less than a week ago here in the US & I already have received them! That is quicker shipping than I get from some companies a state away! :) Can't wait to play with them! Hope you feel better & thanks again :) Much appreciated!

  5. Hi, I recived your stamps just before Christmas and I made a lot of cards and boxex (here the link to my blog )
    everybody said they were beautiful so I think I have to give you most of the credit...!!!
    baci Lory


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