Friday, 7 August 2009

...Today's second Post - Say it with style

You might like to scroll down to see what else was posted today!! If you're new here, you might be interested to know I'm releasing 4 new stamp sets on Sunday!! scroll down to see the samples I've been posting all week!! I'll be announcing the winner of the competition later this evening about 11pm my time, here on the blog and if you don't have any luck in that you could call back tomorrow for another competition and the samples to my next set, as yet unseen! All shipping and cost info will be here on the blog on Sunday in the release post!! look forward to seeing you!

Remember this morning I said you didn't need the labels 4 die to use the frame in the Say it with Style stampset? Well for this sweet little baby card I cut the sentiment and frame out as a plain rectangle and then used a fancy corner punch to add some nice detail to the corners - I think it works beautifully! I couldn't resist adding a little babyface stamp,complete with curl, to the set.

I love it when things have a dual purpose and the heart shapes that I used to stamp the background on the baby card also make fab leaves! There are two sizes of heart/leaf shapes which compliment the three sizes of flower stamps - also in the Say it with Style stampset. You can see them below in the Christmas card. If I had more than 2 red copics I could have done a lovely shading job on the petals!!! They're on my wish list!

The Say it with Style stampset is a very versatile set. The images have been designed with flowing lines of varying thickness that echo the text. The flowers especially are so easy to colour and cut out and would be so suitable for paper piecing.

Right now I gotta run and colour some angels! oops!

Hope they tickle.


  1. Those are wonderful, too! I can't wait to see them all!

  2. Wow, Claire! This set looks fabulous! And I can't wait to see what the last set is!

  3. These are just amazing! Love this set also--it is so classy, with fabulous choice of font! Your simple, clean designs are perfect!

  4. Love these cards!! The tag/sayings, so many need thes little extras in their collection and i am one one them. Can't wait to see the whole set

  5. Beautiful Claire- I really love the font you used-script is my favorite! I can't imagine what else there could be!!

  6. Beautiful cards Claire! I guess I need to order the label set so I will be ready ;0) This looks like it's going to be an amazing set!

  7. Your baby card is just precious Claire - and what a great tip to just punch the corners to make it become something 'wow'!!

    The Christmas card is so pretty with the non-traditional colors you used - I need to remember to think outside the box!

    just two more days! I cannot wait - I've linked your site on my blog postings for the past two days so my friends will know to come and check it out (if there are any that don't already know!)

  8. Wow Claire they are fabulous!! :D


  9. The Say it with Style set really does tickle!


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