Thursday, 21 May 2009

Launching Half Baked and Oven Fresh Gingerbread Joy!

ED - I have amended the shipping options in the shop cart to include an option for Canada. Many thanks for asking.

Below: Half Baked Gingerbread Joy set - Build your own gingerbread people and dress them up! Gingerbread in bed, candy canes and lolly/sweets, Sentiments to match.

Below: Example of the type of Gingerbread people that can be stamped with the Half Baked set. See how the bed image fits together - it goes with the "How many sleeps 'till" and " Christmas" sentiments.Below: Oven Fresh Gingerbread Joy set - ready to stamp gingerbread folks, in two sizes plus mini guy. Circular sentiments for easy tag making, seasonal elements, tasty sentiments and ready made candies galore. Yum!

Click here to go directly to my online store.

Click on the pictures and they should get bigger so you can see the details.

In the store you will be able to purchase the stampsets and also read all of the other shipping and delivery information. Please take a moment to look at the entire page and then, if you have any queries,email me.

I will ship to US and Canada, UK and Europe, if you are somewhere else just drop me an email.

The stamps are top quality, clear photopolymer, self sticking stamps for use on clear acrylic blocks (not supplied), supplied on clear plastic with matching printed image sheet, all in a polybag. They are priced £13 sterling which is roughly equivalent to $20.50 (though the exchange rate is subject to fluctuation as you know.)

Thank you. To all of my lovely blog followers and visitors. To all of you who have visited this week, to all who have left encouraging comments, to all of you who have made my blog a source of great fun and encouragement to me since the start nearly a year ago. To Lynn Mercurio, Joan Bardee and Beverly Nash - wouldn't have been here without you three!! I hope you have enjoyed this week and do let me know if you fancy doing it all over again!!! Lol.

ALSO - I'm not quite finished with the samples yet - I have a sample to show you in the next couple of days using the Gingerbread in bed image!! Stay tuned.

Hope it tickles.


  1. Ooooh Claire! These stamps are just lovely, I've already been onto your on-line store/blog and been very very naughty! I can't wait to receive them...

    Thank you so much for spreading your wings and sharing your design talents with the rest of us. I wish you every success with this venture and will spread the word amongst some of my stamping friends!

    It's going to be so busy in your house from now on, I hope you've got lots of help. All the best, Polly

  2. I'm SOOOO excited for you Claire :) The sets are ADORABLE. I can't purchase while here at work, but will have to cruise by later tonight :) GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Hi Claire! My stamp sets are purchased and I'm just going to sit and wait!!! I keep mentioning this, but I'm going to say it again...have you started on the next set?!!!!!!! Have a GREAT day. Heather J.

  4. Congratulations to you, Claire! I am so impressed. These stamps are so very cute, and your personality definitely comes through. You are one amazingly talented woman, and I wish you all the very best with this new adventure!

  5. Gingerbread images are hard to find, and your sets are just darling!! Found your store by way of Julia (artystampers)blog. Ordered right away. Can't wait to see what else you design.

  6. What fun sets Claire! I love them and have quickly ordered both so as not to miss out! I also put a link to you on my blog telling people you were designing and selling your own stamps and had wonderful examples for use on your blog! hope your debut is a total success!

  7. Oh Claire! I am giddy with excitement for you!! Amazing stuff you have here!

  8. Dear me, Claire, I haven't had time to do much blog surfing this past week, and what do I find here! I am SO happy for your new venture! Bravo!!! I wish you every success and look forward to seeing more... and, when the time is right, owning one of your sets.

    All of your projects are wonderful. Like everyone else (apparently), I love that apron.

    Hugs and hearty congratulations.


  9. Claire, I'm so excited to see these stamp sets. I don't know of any gingerbread stamp sets that are like these. I ordered mine and can't wait for them to ship across the atlantic!

  10. I LOVE these little men....but even if I didn't I would still buy both sets as I'm a HUGE fan of yours and your creativity.
    Always nice to see someone's dream come to fruition
    Can't wait to play with my sets...


  11. You are such a clever lady. Well done and best wishes with your new venture.

  12. Ooh, I love the half baked. These gingerbread people are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Your first post! Sigh... the start of something WONDERFUL!! You should print it out and frame it!

  14. Oh, so cute!!! Can't believe how the time passed! You've made such amazing things in these years!! And it keeps getting better! Hope you will be inspiring us for a loooong time to come!!!
    Hugs, Wendy


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