Thursday, 21 May 2009

Waltzingmouse Stamps Day 4

So, it's a beautiful May morning here and, naturally, I'm thinking of trimming a Christmas tree!!

Absolutely HAD to have a Gingerbread house - and so I designed this wee house for you to make up and hang on your tree.

I designed it around the size of the candy swirls from Half Baked and I was so pleased with how it works out. I kept mine fairly simple but you can dress it up how you like. Try it out with a white card 'snowy' roof like I did - it's so dinky!!

AND - the smaller ginger bread folks in the Oven Fresh are just the right size for the house!!! I just love things that match!!

So keep an eye out later today - I'll be posting the template and of course later on today I'll be revealing the stampsets!!!!!

The Launch will be here on my blog later this evening
at around 7pm

(My time! (Ireland))

If you are just new here today I'm LAUNCHING MY FIRST TWO STAMPSETS!! go here, go here, and here, and here to see what you may have missed!! Also here and here! Lol

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support!!

Gingerbread Houses

I printed mine onto ginger/brown cardstock (from stash) and stamped and white embossed the details before making it up. I used my half inch circle punch to trim out the candy swirls which I had stamped in Pure poppy red ink.

Check out the wee little doorways - I stamped the pattern in Versamark using the blanket stamp from the Half Baked set. There's s neat trick for doing this. While your template is still flat, fold the doors back to the 'inside. put post it notes or another masking paper behind the doors and stamp. Lol - you can see in my pic that I used a scrap of card to show you this, it's all printed over!

For the scalloped roof, I made a mask by punching along the edge of a post it note with my half inch circle punch!! I sponged the scallops in white in, sprinkled on some white embossing powder in a patchy way and heat set it. If you gind that the ink is too dry once you've finished sponging the roof, simply go back over a couple of rows at a time to do the embossing.

Apologies for the dreadful pic, operator error!! lol - it was 2AM!


  1. Good morning! I love this house! It's adorable! hugs, michelle

  2. Claire...TOO cute! Love all of your samples --- looking forward to your first launch!! {{{HUGS}}} Girlie!

  3. Hi Claire - I'm geared up and ready to see the sets! Will you be telling us about the packaging? Just curious about storage (and future storage as I'm already hoping for more sets!) Heather J.

  4. These are so adorable. I'll have to make these for Christmas. Can't wait to see your stamps.

  5. O wow,
    Your so talented,
    all your crafty items are brilliant

  6. what a super gingerbread house Claire!! you know I'll be printing that pattern out as soon as you post it! That will be a big hit at our church fair next fall!! Love the little details like the latticed door - great job on this!

  7. Soo cute!! So that makes it 2 pm our time right (EST)?? Think I figured that out right?? Best wishes for your BIG launch!! :)

  8. I love these adorable houses. The white shingles are a perfect touch.

  9. Claire -
    I know don't know me, but I have been a follower of your work at PTI for quite a while. When I was doing some blog hopping today I found out from Bev's blog that you have been away doing all of these incredible projects with YOUR OWN STAMPS!!!

    I am so excited for you and the stamps are just too cute.

    I especially love the apron you made.

    Please consider letting Bev carry your stamps in her shop so that we can get them state side!

    Congratulations and best wishes on your exciting new venture!

  10. Too cute!!! That house is just so sweet! Are you going to put the template somewhere?
    Will we be able to purchase your stamps here in the US? You have me wanting them badly.

  11. Ok, so I Googled "What time is it in Ireland" just so I won't miss the big debut! I see we have only about 45 minutes to go. Any prizes for being the very first to buy?!??! ;-)

  12. This is so adorable - A little gingerbread house - Wow!!!

    Can't wait until 7pm


  13. Goodness me! I close my eyes for a couple of days and this is what you get up to!

    This is great news about some lovely images from a lovely lady! I am thrilled for you, it's so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see everything. It's just gone 18.45 and I am counting...

  14. Hi Claire, I spotted the link for the new blog on your profile page. I always enter your blog this way cos I'm too lazy to bookmark the header itself! I did think I was seeing things for a moment, until I caught up on the blog, that is...

    Come on, open the link and let me in, please......................

  15. Claire -
    You are amazing!!
    Thank you so much for the templates.
    How will we purchase your stamps for USA and Canada?
    Congratulations on your endevour. I know it will be a success.

  16. Claire I am just blown away by your creativity. I'm from Melbourne,Australia and just love browsing craft sites around the world and found yours. I have two grown up daughters, one named Claire,and another Rachel with red hair that tells her true
    nationality. Hope to get to Ireland one day and visit my ancestoral home in Rathowen if it still exists.Greetings from Australia


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