Wednesday, 17 December 2008

...window clings anyone?

Apologies for the awful photo -I have double layer glazing which is a hames to photograph window clings on!!

Thought these were a nice idea for the girlies - I have made 6 in total (all with PapertreyInk's gorgeous winter stamp sets) but I want to wait till I get the box made before I show you the whole thing - outstandingly easy - simple stamping on window cling vinyl - I used Tsukineko Moonlight white Brilliance ink - seems to stand up ok to repositioning.

I'm concerned about the mouse.

Many of you kindly offered tips on how to catch the blighter - I duly purchased more traps and peanut butter - but there has been no sign of it since my last post, 6 baited traps remain untouched. Theories are the hot topic of conversation in my house - has it just gone?, is it holed up somewhere engaged in mouse multiplication? did it just die of overfeeding? my personal favourite theory tho' is that it has gone back to the fields to gather friends and family and spread the word that it has found the promised land.

Hope it tickles.


  1. oh I very nearly ordered window cling this week but for once sat on my hands but these look good - but tis a bit late now mybe.

  2. hahahaha, Claire, I am sure your little friend is there...hiding in the shadows :-) Turn out the lights at night and just sit and listen. heheheh :-) Except don't do it on Christmas Eve...cause eveyone knows that a mouse doesn't stir on Christmas eve. :-)

    If I don't get a chance to tell you...Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years!!

  3. Your mouse story is hilarious - of course it's not in MY house!!! ;-} We did have our first-ever bark scorpion this week in our hallway, however, which we promptly killed, but it was unsettling after being totally free of them in over 17 1/2 yrs. of desert dwelling!

  4. Those are cool! I hope that you share the how-to! :)
    Your little sayings totally crack me up-the little blighter! Ha! Sorry you have a mouse, though! Want to borrow my cat?

  5. Ohhhhhh! I like these, you have been a busy bee.

  6. Fantastic project very cheerful and festive they are!

    ...not a creature was stirring, not even a thankful for small favors. May you holidays be critter-free! :)

    Hugs to you!

  7. ROFL!! You're mouse "adventures" have brightened my day. I think the window clings are wonderful. Happy Holidays Claire!

  8. first of all... the brilliant white is so striking against the white. Can't wait to see the "WHOLE" project!!!

    and for your mouse.... Hmmm.... He may be too fat to get outside his hole with all the food he's received. He may have to lose a few ounces before he can come out of hiding. LOL

    Merry Merry!!

  9. Beautiful Claire! Can't wait to see more!! I've missed some posts - beautiful projects as always my friend!! :)

  10. P.S. I've been on many a "mouse hunt" myself living in a 150+ year old house . . . a raisin covered with peanut butter usually does the trick for us! :)

  11. These clings are such fun! Great idea! Also, you made me laugh so much over this mouse thing. I think the real answer is that he is just on vacation. Or, maybe he is just packing up all the house stuff and family to bring them to their new home! LOL Best, Curt

  12. Hehe - I had the same problem but managed to catch mine - thank goodness.
    Wow I LOVE window clings - I had no idea you can buy sheets of cling to stamp on - where did you get yours? You have to do a tutorial! They look fab - I am a huge fan of Papertrey too.

  13. Claire,
    Little story involving my dad and his new house:
    One night dad heres a little mouse scurrying around. Dad goes and buys one of those traps that keeps the mouse alive. Dad baits the trap and waits. Mouse is caught. Dad takes mouse down the road and releases him, walks back to the house and upon entering hears mouse noises. Dad baits the trap and waits. Another mouse caught, although Dad swears its the same one. Dad takes mouse and walks two blocks and lets the mouse go. Goes back to the house... you guessed it more mouse noises. Dad again baits the trap, again catches the mouse (Dad swears its the same guy). Dad takes the mouse in the car, drives about a mile away and lets the mouse go. Goes home only to find his friend is back. Dad repeats the process again only this time he waits until morning and drives the mouse 20 minutes away and releases him. No more mouse. (Or mice....)
    PS LOVE your cards lately, esp. the Chanukah one


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