Monday, 3 November 2008

...a few pics for Michele

Michele wanted to see a pic of the city!! The top pic is a shot of one of the entrance ways to Belfast's newest shopping mall. We have a few malls that seem large to us but I'm sure they're nothing like the scale of an American mall.

If you click on This link it will take you to the gallery page of the Victoria square shopping centre - there are several shots of the mall including an aerial view of Belfast. Click on the thumbnails - they get bigger.

Dublin is bigger but I've no digital photos of it - my last visit there was some time ago - I usually try to get as far away from 'civilization' as I can - many parts of Belfast are not pretty and the city suffers from a general lack of interest in its appearance - it can be grubby in parts. Dublin is much prettier but it has run down areas too much like any city. There is still a lot fine architecture tho.

Any spare time we get, we head for the west coast so nearly all of my pics are from that area, but the other two pics in this post are of the coast road from Belfast to Bangor and a slipway in Bangor itself. Bangor is a small town on the north coast of County Down.

My personal opinion is that the rural areas are far and away more interesting than the urban areas and a good lot of the country is still very unspoilt - however major tourist areas for example Killarney, suffer from an overload of none too pretty hotels etc. Having said that Killarney is still well worth a visit.

We have a few large stores here, mostly supermarkets and home improvement stores but I often wish there was a Target or indeed a Michaels here judging by what I read about them in American blogs. Hope that helps Michele - I'll be on the lookout for some more city shots for you.


  1. gorgeous photos, Claire! Its wonderful to see and read about your country!!!!

  2. Claire, thanks so much for posting these photos and the ones in the previous post. I love seeing your photographs of Ireland. I have never been to Belfast, but I have been fortunate to roam all over the country side. It is heaven!

  3. Just wanted to say hi, fab blog by the way. I live in N.ireland too, was at victoria square on sunday, at build a bear lol. off to read the rest of your blog now, take care. Donna x

  4. Oh Claire, thanks so much!! The mall pics in the link do look very much like an American mall. The thing about US malls is that they are so cookie cutter. There were times when I was in Chicago last summer that it easily could have been Sacramento. Belfast looks very pretty to me. I am pretty much a homebody, I dont even have a passport... but I sure enjoy seeing your photos.

  5. love the pic of the harbor!! thanks for showing us a wee bit of your area! :^)

  6. Gorgeous, just breath taking. I did a 14 day CIE tour of Ireland last September/October. Thanks for posting some memories.


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