Sunday, 2 November 2008

...few pics

Haven't put any pics up for a while so here's a few to tide you over till I get my latest cards photographed.

The top two are Kilgeever Abbey in Mayo, I forget just how old it is but you can tell by the carved cross that it's centuries rather than decades. The bottom one is a view of the Southern end of Lough Mask - the place to be for all you fisher people out there.

Hope they tickle somebody.


  1. These are wonderful Clarie. You really have a photographer's eye. Love the headstone pic...can't imagine how old that must be. It may sound strange, but I always enjoy wandering through old cemetaries looking an really old headstones. Just trying to imagine the person that must be buried there...what their life might have been like. (I know...I'm Anywho, I always enjoy your photos from home.

  2. Claire,
    I can't even begin to thank you for posting photos of places in Ireland on your blog. They are always so beautiful. How wonderful it must be to live in such a beautiful country. Keep crafting though, I love that too!
    Looking forward to seeing what you craft for christmas.


  3. Ireland is so beautiful. I would love to go there someday. Everything is so green. In all the pictures I see, it looks untouched by time. Do you have big grocery stores, giant box stores like walmart? I would love to see some pictures of the city. I am pretty the sure the ireland I have in my head is probably completely incorrect. LOL

  4. consider me tickled! ;) I can't wait to show these photos to my son - we've been wanting to visit Ireland for soooooo long!

  5. These are so beautiful, Claire! I love when you post pictures of Ireland, since I have never been there and it is so obviously gorgeous.

    I love all your cards and projects too!


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