Thursday, 25 September 2014

...did you win?

Did you get it, the correct answer was common robin or Erithacus rubecula - and wasn't that fun? didn't we feel all cultured and David Attenboroughesque? or maybe I still have a

Well, we drew a winner from the correct answers and the random lucky person is:
Maja who said...
My first guess was a penguin, but since you mentioned it's UK common bird I'd go for Erithacus rubecula. 

Maja -  Congratulations!! Pop me your address on the email and I will get your set away to you!!

Folks I cannot wait to show you the new goodies, the DT have been making some wonderful goodies and we begin previews tomorrow - all release countdown posts now go live at 7:00pm my time. So from tomorrow until Sunday you can see lots of inspiration here and on the DT blogs  - the WMS Inspiration blog will gather all of the samples together also if you need to see everything in just one spot!

Also, I have a fabby new gadget for the store and I'm itching to try it out - It's a facility for offering  'bundles' of items and I'm hoping to try it out during this release with a few tasty offers - and I have a fabby freebie for the first 50 orders over £60gbp this month, can't wait for Sunday, hope you can join us!!


  1. congrats Maja! I've been enjoying the sneak peeks, can't wait to see what the DT have come up with.

  2. Well done Maja! looking forward to the release on Sunday!

  3. Congrats to Maja... I thought it was a penguin... I guess i needed a bit more of a peek!! LOL

  4. Yeeee, many thanks for drawing out my name :) Can't wait to see the whole set. I'll pop you an email right away.


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