Friday, 2 May 2014

...May previews day 3 - Folding Tag Die set

Good morning ladies, this is my first post today, I hope to be back this evening to show you how the main Folding Tag die works but for now I have a set of mini tags made with the little mini tag die that comes with the folding tag die set - this is really just a little bonus shape that I was able to fit in given the design of the Tag die and I thought it would make a dinky addition - it produces these little curved top tags, which are just over 2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide, perfectly sized for card fronts and mini gifts.

These items and others will release on Saturday (tomorrow) here on the blog, so pop back to see the full reveal!

A feature of this die set are the little shaped grommet options, a circle, a star, a square and a heart, I have highlighted them here by cutting them out in bright colours so they contrast with the black tags. I have used the Tag Collection 1 stamps for the dotted lines and the 'to:' and 'from:' I will add names with a white gel pen as I use the tags.

Patterns stamped on the fronts of the tags are from Pinstripe, Crackle, and Text it stamp sets.

The ladies are previewing with me today so pop on over and get a gander at the folding tags and I will see you back here later on! This evenings post will feature a big-ish competition also!


  1. Oh wow!!!! I LOVE these tags - the patterned fronts, the bright eyelets all just brilliant!!!!

    So looking forward to the release :)

  2. Love the colors you chose, can't wait to see the main die!

  3. Love the colorful eyelets on your black tags Claire!

  4. It's those little special extras like the shaped grommets that set your offerings apart, Claire. Well done!

  5. I saw these on pinterest and my jaw hit the table. Who made these??? Well the head mouse-tress of course! I should have known! Those colored grommets just pop! I was on that color like a bee on a flower!!


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