Friday, 13 December 2013

... 5 min scrappy card!

Just a quick little card today, Christmas franticity is in full throttle and I am still on Tuesday's to-do list? How about you, every thing bought, wrapped and under the tree? yes? thought so....

A card made up of scraps literally, the sentiment is from Alpine Christmas, inside a Country labels 4 frame, with a holly sprig from Festive foliage thrown on for good measure....

Repeat after me..."We will get ready, earlier, next year...We will get ready, earlier, next year...We will get ready, earlier, next year...

Ooh and by the way, have you been checking in on the DT ladies on the Inspiration blog?
You can find it here if you have no idea what I am talking about. I think Jennifer has a jar full of sweetness on it today!


  1. Loving the mantra - can you please reschedule this post around September next year.......

    It's a very fabulous 5 minute card :-D

  2. Such a lovely card! I do like the berries on the holly!

    Hope you get caught up soon! Hugs xx

  3. Super cute card design.

    Hugs diane

  4. Adorable card! The sentiment looks great with the nestie image! Love the mantra....I'm using it myself right now-- I just started shopping last WE-5 1/2 hour mall trip....was tired!!

  5. Cute card! And NOOOOOO I'm so not ready... still have at least half of the shopping to do and nothing is wrapped... we are still doing the decorating.. right now.. took a break.

  6. I love that card! doesn't look 'scrappy' at all!

  7. Yes, I need to start earlier next year too (although I say that every year and never do)! I love your quick card - I may need to steal that idea as I have yet to make most of my Christmas cards! No tree up yet here either.

  8. "Christmas franticity" ha ha! I love it~and can totally relate. I don't even want to take things down yet because it took so long to catch up...
    This is beautiful Claire~the berries are a lovely touch. Hope you are having a blessed New Year so far...


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