Thursday, 21 February 2013


A couple of weeks ago I threw out a challenge - the Cranberry Sauce pic, If you were lucky, you will have completely missed it. It was a colour challenge. Well I don't think anything has ever given me as much bother. I made this, I made that, I could not get the colours to work together. It was a range of reds and purples with a little light grey. if you must see the hideous challenge pic, click here. I started out liking the picture, but by the end of it I was grinding my teeth...

In the true spirit of bad workmen everywhere I decided that the materials were at fault, a blind man on a galloping horse could tell that quite obviously I didn't have the right shades of cardstock, ink, papers, ribbon - everything was the wrong colour.

Nothing at all to do with the fact that I was obviously completely colourifically challenged the day I picked such a dodgy image....

Ended up going all minimal and cheating slightly...made up a little felt baggie - I trimmed an oblong of felt along one of the long sides using a Spellbinders edgeability die. I then folded it in half and stitched along the 3 other sides to make a baggie. Punched a circle of grey cardstock and stamped with the Hyacinth image from Vintage Garden Flowers. With love is from the Opera Tags stamp set which should be restocked soon.

Things that made me sad about this project: My total inability to make a card with this palette
Things that made me happy about this project: There is chocolate inside the bag.


  1. Sorry you found the colours so hard! Your post really made me smile :) However, I do like this little bag of goodies - all the better as it contains chocolate :)

  2. Honestly, it wasn't the colors that gave me a challenge as much as it was this dreadful cold/flu/plague I've been dealing with for 3 weeks! ugh.
    I think your creation turned out lovely. And you are giving yourself far too much grief.
    Lesson I learned....Now I know I'm not alone when I come upon a challenge I want to participate in and can't seem to make anything work. Even the fantastically-creative Claire hits a road block once in a while. In the future i need to remember that if it doesn't work on paper, I'll give a try with fabric! :)

  3. Your make is gorgeous! Love that beautiful bag!

    I did find the beautiful colors a challenge to work with as well, but I do love a good challenge. Makes me exercise my brain a little. In the end, it felt good to conquer it!

    You did as well!

  4. You are cute. A color challenge is hard when there are that many colors involved! You feel like you have to have the perfect shades for them all to go together... ah well, that's why its called a challenge, right? Love your adorable little bag. The Vintage Garden Flowers image makes a stunning tag. Enjoy the chocolate! :)

  5. Tghat is so funy Claire! It does look like a hard color combo, but all in all you did a wonderful job :-)

  6. You are too funny! I didn't even attempt that challenge so I guess I'm all the wiser! Hee hee! I wish the sketch challenge was back. {{pout pout }}

  7. Yeah - well thanks for making us make cards with all those colors as well Claire!!!(LOL!!!)

    I love your sweet little felt bag and the soft coloring on your tag!

  8. It's a lovely wee baggie....great to know that I am not alone in the 'haven't got the right cardstock, ribbon, stamp, die or whatever' Then there's indecision to cope with - some days it just doesn't jell, does it.
    You made it anyhow.

  9. This is gorgeous!!! The bow is perfection~

  10. I'm glad you can still find things a challenge sometimes Claire LOL. I think the bag is lovely....

  11. That is so funny Claire!!!!! I also struggle with challenges. I tried to take part in your chalk board challenge. Like you, I tried this and that and it was all pretty yucky. I blamed the fact I don't have enough WMS stamps to work with (which I intend to correct soon). At least that is what I told hubbie!

  12. It was quite challenging. :) But, I had fun. I like your cute project, and the fact that there is some chocolate inside. :)

  13. Yes, it put my brain in a tizzy too!! Challenges are good....makes the brain work a little! Love this little bag and tag and bow!! Enjoy the chocolate....oh, should have said...hope you enjoyed the chocolate!!

  14. Oh what a sweet bag...inside AND out :) Your felt truly is delicious...I can see how soft it is right on my screen! And there you go with those lovely Seed Packet images stamped on a tag...they are so gorgeous, must do more CAS projects with them.

    And my remedy for a tough color challenge? Add many neutrals and bits of the actual colors :) The colors scared me a bit at first...but ended up loving them in the end!

  15. I adore you!! :)
    Your post made me smile...
    and hit upon every reason I didn't get this one done...
    I'm HORRID at color challenges...
    but maybe if I had started with an idea for chocolate...
    I could have accomplished something!:)
    I love your bag...
    and that tag is perfection!!

  16. Love your bag and tag! I struggled a little but decided to stick with the closest ink colors I had and do a 1 layer card which helped! Plus I seem to do better when I force myself to go with my first idea!!! At least sometimes!!!

  17. You made me laugh Claire! We've all had those days - glad you found the rainbow at the end - a bag of chocolates!! Love the little treat bag you made - I think it's beautiful and that bow is swoon worthy!

  18. Hi Cutie! The colors weren't too hard to do, since I decided to ignore some of them! :-D I tried to post mine on the spot you said to post them, but it wouldn't work for me that day, so I put them on my flicker account. It's here
    if you want to see it. Have a great week: I'm dying to see what you have up your little sleeve with the new release! The tease is sooo tantalizing!! Hugs!!

  19. Good thing about your project: that bow is gorgeous!

  20. I think your bag turned out sweet!


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