Sunday, 12 May 2013

... a little Gatsby style

I love Art Deco, and the upcoming Gatsby movie is on my list of things to see soon. I also love intricate cut files and I was putting my little Cameo through it's paces the other night with this cut file, I am quite delighted with how it handles the tiny little cuts, although I did spend a few moments with a pokey tool, pushing out little bits and pieces that were too tiny to stick to the mat. Also, I don't think I'd put anything heavier than American Crafts cardstock through with this file, I suspect heavier weight stuff would not cope so well with the file.

Since I wanted the detail to stand out, I mounted the cut file panel on a few strategically placed foam squares so that the cream panel would cast a shadow on the green card front and help highlight the cut file. This cut file might be available soon as part of a bundle of card front cut files that I'm working on.

I added rows of cream and white pearls in the space at the bottom of each diamond panel and an oversized silk ribbon bow and a green button to finish. I would have liked a fancier button, but my stocks are low....

I paired it up with a sentiment from Fancy Phrases which already has that 20's air about it. and used a simple frame from Vintage labels No.2 on my Die cut panel - the Spellbinders Labels 2 dies just scream art deco to me too...

Hope it tickles!


  1. Claire - this is absolutely beautiful! I love the die cut card front and that bow is just fabulous! A real Art Deco beauty!

    Will keep my eye out for the cut files!!

    If you like Art Deco - you'd love the Guardian Building in Detroit - built in late 20s and is a perfect example of all things Deco. Check out my blog for some photos that I took yesterday!

  2. Tickles, Oh my I am roaring, I love this card it is so elegant.

    I really hope you make this cut file available as I love it and I would buy it in a heartbeat!

    I love your stamps as well


  3. what a stunning card. love the background you created and that big bow looks amazing. beautiful done to represent a grand art movement.

  4. Wow! That diecut background is stunningly beautiful! I don't have a Cameo - is there any chance that you could have this made into a custom Spellbinders die as I'd love to be able to use that gorgoeus pattern? Please think about it!

  5. Claire, just love that card. I'm a huge Art Deco fanatic. The Great Gatsby is coming to our cinemas this weekend and I can't wait to see it. Now I've just spotted Deborah's comment and I 'll be off to Detroit after dinner. Oh wish I had a Cameo to use just that file!! Thanks for sharing girls. :-)

  6. Just back from Detroit, couldn't wait! Deborah's pics are just gorgeous. What a building. Thanks again.

  7. Gosh this really does have the wow factor - it's screaming "glamour" to me! Anyone feeling under the weather would surely love it!
    (And it's making me wish for a custom plate to use in the 'Bug!)

  8. Claire,
    This is stunning! Glamourous ! Way up there in the Wow factor

  9. Claire this is absolutely fantastic! I am in love with that cut file and your gorgeous card!

  10. Gorgeous, Claire! I love the added pearls. Happy Mother’s Day! Wow!!!

  11. Wow, this is Exquisite, Claire!! Such a beautiful card!! Happy Mother's Day - have a lovely day!!

  12. Gorgeous. Love the pearly detail.

  13. Hey, Claire! Don't you ever get tired of knocking em right out of the ballpark? BIG LOVE for this one and "your little Mouse too", dearie!

  14. Lovelovelovelove! Can't wait for that cut file, if you do- please include the cut settings you used! I struggle with intricate cuts like those...
    Gorgeous card, and Happy Mother's day to you!

  15. Wow! I would love to purchase this cut file. A bundle of card fronts would be great

  16. I just watched "Gatsby" the other day!!!
    Had it streaming on Netflix while I was doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen...
    and a lot of sitting down and oogling Robert Redford! ;)
    And I can't wait to see the new version though in all honesty...
    how can you perfect on Robert Redford, Mia Farrell or Sam Waterston?
    That would be like trying to create a better "Out of Africa"...which is my absolute most favorite movie in the whole wide entire world!!
    And this card...
    I absolutely love this!!
    So incredibly elegant...
    and just captures the Art Deco style perfectly!
    Can't wait to have this beauty! :)

  17. WOW! Stunning!
    I'm looking forward to the movie too:)

  18. WOW!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!

  19. Oh my, Claire! That is simply gorgeous!!! You are making me "need" a Cameo! I bought a Cricut years ago and have hated the thought of going to another machine, but your files make me feel a change is coming soon!! :-)

  20. GORGEOUS! You've clearly captured the Art Deco period.

  21. This is MARVELOUS -- and I saw the movie on Saturday, and it was quite well done! ALSO -- I've been trying to figure out a card design with what I have, and was SO THRILLED to see these posts! Art Deco here I come! lol... though I DO have to find my software, and load it on my PC -- my laptop overheats, and will NOT run long enough to cut these beauties -lol. Thank you for making them available -- LOVE THEM!

  22. wow this card is so elegant!

  23. AHEM.... stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Oh My!!! Exquisite Claire! This looks like laser cut paper lace ... droool...

  25. kf4116@yahoo.com20 May 2013 at 12:14

    I just found your site, and WOW, these two art deco cards are BREATHTAKING!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the rest of us mere mortals. I do not understand what "cut files" are, or loading a software to cut these files or how to use my cricut to do this. Would you or any of your readers be willing to give some brief instructions? Thanks again for allowing us a peek into your beautiful world!


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