Friday 19 April 2013

...Waltzingmouse Stamps Flower Show

Good morning folks I am especially excited to welcome you to Waltzingmouse Stamps today! We are having a very special event today - we're hosting a flower show blog hop. We have invited some very, very special guests to come and play.

One of the very best things about being a stamp designer is seeing what other folks do with your stamps. When I'm drawing I have ideas about how I would use the stamps, but very often once those stamps get into the hands of our designers I see new exciting possibilities opening up - I have a huge file of inspiring pictures of cards the  DT girls have made and I like refer to my favourites when I'm feeling a little empty in the inspiration department. It goes without saying that our DT is the best bunch of gals a stamp designer could hope for, but I have been working the ladies rather hard this last few days and I thought we might give them the day off! lol.

So here to provide us with some alternative inspiration are a stellar bunch of ladies that we have gathered from across the net! Most of you will be very familiar with them, they are all superstars in their own right and I nearly feel like a spoilt child when I tell you that today they are all using Waltzingmouse stamps floral stamps as the focus of their work!

I invite you to hop from blog to blog and oooh and ahhh at the creations that lie in wait for us in the WMS Flower Show. I recommend you take note of your favourite creations as you pass through so that you can refer to those to take part in our competition detailed below. Here are our very special guests, you should be able to hop from post to post, but the master list here is handy if you get lost:

Taheerah Atchia
Debbie Olson
Meredith MacRitchie
Kimberly Crawford
Emilie Chamel
Pauline Pollington
Suezie Howard
JJ Bolton
Helen Berry

I suggest doing the hop twice, once to just look at it and once to see which card you'd like to case for our competition!

WMS Flower Show competition

We're inviting you to pick your favourite creation from the blogs of any of the ladies listed above in our hop. We'd like you to CASE your chosen card/project. You have all weekend to make your CASE card/project, and on Tuesday we will open the CASE comp officially!

We will be putting up a post here on the blog on Tuesday (the 23rd April) in which we will invite you to add a link to your CASEd entry. You can post your cards/projects to your blogs, or online galleries or Flikr etc, but do remember to come back and post the link in the Flower Show Competition post. Just check our sidebar for the Flower show logo - as seen at the start of this post, it will be linked directly to the entry post.


There will be one random winner chosen from all of the entries and that person will win FIVE sets of their choice from Waltzingmouse Stamps! I invite you all to put your best foot forward as I will also be picking three 'stand-out' entries based on what catches my fancy at the time! :)  'Stand-out' winners will win a gift voucher for the store to the value of £15 ($20). The Stand out entry winners will be chosen ONLY from the entries which use Waltzingmouse stamps products.

Here's how to enter:

• You should include an image of the card/project you are CASEing and a link to the original project in your blog post, for gallery posts it might be sufficient to include just the link.

• You may enter as many cards/projects as you wish, but each one should be entered separately under it's own link. Each entry must be entered under a direct link - We want to be able to find you quickly!

• You don't have to use Waltzingmouse stamps to enter but it will greatly increase your chances of winning one of the Stand out prizes if you do.

• You must link your entry/ies in the official Flower Show CASE competition post which goes live here on the blog on the 23rd.

Hope it tickles!!


  1. Wow-weee!! The ladies did a Wonderful job with their beautiful flower projects. I feel as though I've walked through a flower show. So inspiring!! I can't wait to play along :)

  2. Can I ask a daft question...what exactly is CASE?
    I'm assuming we take inspiration from these gorgeous creations rather than copy exactly??

  3. Sarah - CASE usually means you create a card that looks similar to the one you were inspired by - but you change a few things on it.

  4. Wow!!! What a perfectly lovely way to spend an hour! Thank you ladies - you have brightened a really dull day here in Michigan!

    Now to have a think about what to CASE!!

  5. The word CASE is an acronym for Copy And Share Everything, (I've also heard it called Copy And Steal Everything, but I like the former, rather than the later) and it as Julia mentioned...taking a project you love, changing it up a bit such as images, embellishments, color...whatever and however your mojo moves you. =)

  6. Wow... amazing creations - how to pick one to CASE!

  7. How to just CASE one is difficult - I think I would like to CASE all of them at some point. Hope I can get one done to link up on Monday !

  8. An amazing flower show! What an inspiring blog hop...congratulations, ladies!!

  9. Clare what beautiful flower cards were done and submitted by your Web guests. They all did such great works of art. I am totally smitten with the card done by Kimberly Crawford using the new "Folk Art Medallion" Set. It really is gorgeous. Truly enjoyed this project where they all submitted such great works. Thanks!

  10. Amazing creations from all the DTs! I wonder what time could we post our cards for this flower CASed competition?


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