Monday, 14 January 2013

...Vintage Garden Cut Files now available

I have been working on a huge Cut File bundle folks - it is for the Vintage Garden Series - Vintage Garden Seed Packet, Vintage Garden Produce, Vintage Garden Flowers and Appleblossom Seeds.

These are downloadable cut files in .svg and .dxf formats - super for machines like the Silhouette Cameo.

The huge Vintage Garden cut file bundle is available here - just a note it's around 1Mb, so depending on your internet connection, it might take a moment or three to download...This is one I have to make a small charge for, there was a lot of work in this, but I love a good freebie myself so I'm looking forward to getting a few of those out soon also.

I'm working on making cut files for many of our stamp sets at the moment, I'm concentrating on 'Spring' things at the moment, but I imagine I'll get to most of them eventually!

It has cut shapes for the flowers and produce as well as some wee doodads like labels and tags and seed packets and wraps and the wee folder shown above. The two pics immediately below show the entire collection of cut files.

In this pic you can see the seed packet on the top left - it's available on it's own as a freebie if you want to test it. On the right are two little wraps - the seed packet sits inside these wraps but I'd advise making the seed packets from paper and the wraps from card so that your seed packet slots in nicely and isn't too bulky.

Bottom left, with the Strawberry is the folder - the pic immediately below shows a sample of this folder made up, opened out and containing the seed packet all wrapped up. This wee folder will also be fab for tea bags and some little samples I have of face masks and other pouchy type items.

Don't forget you can re-size these on your Cameo if you have one, and possibly on the SD also.

Hope these tickle!


  1. Love them...
    and it is that time of year where I start thinking of pulling out the flowers...
    thank you SO much for these cut files...
    they will come in very handy!! :)

  2. Lovely - and now I'm thinking I need the Vintage garden set! :) Soon...

  3. What super files. I think I may have to invest in a Cameo!! :)

  4. Clever girl. Never thought I needed a Cameo, but now, thanks to you... Am scoping out prices...

  5. These stamps are so beautiful - and I have yet to pull out my Silhouette Portrait and learn how to use it, so I had better get busy :) .


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