Tuesday, 15 January 2013

...My Best of 2012

French Country

In no particular order I have 12 of my fave things I made in 2012. 2012 was a stand out year for me for many reasons and not many of them were good. I have to be honest and tell you that I was glad to see the back of 2012 and I'm not a person who relishes the passing of time.

Some of the ladies on the forum were doing around up of their 12 of the best of 2012 WMS (I think Pauline may have sparked the idea), and I had a quick peep through a few of the links. I was surprised by how many of the cards that I hadn't actually seen before. I probably shouldn't admit that, and I started by feeling kinda guilty about the fact that I hadn't been in touch with many of the challenge entries that we had last year. As time permitted I had a peep now and again, but I found that I was out of the loop most of the time (through my own busy schedule) and that though I managed a few sporadic comments, I never even got a chance to play along even once.

I thought I might follow the forum ladies and play along with a 2012 round-up and I am so glad that I have taken a few moments to grab some images of things I made last year that I was pleased with. I had pretty much surrendered 2012 to the dark side, it was the year my wee mum passed and it conjures images of sadness and loss for me, coupled with frustration and helplessness. Finding images of cards and projects I made last year that pleased me was like looking back into the woods and finding a little breadcrumb trail of shiny moments. I find that crafting is good for me, it helps the cogs turn, keeps the forward motion going, even if it is slow.

So here's to more shiny moments in 2013!

Nordic Spring

Bright Season

Half Pint Heroines

My Island

Vintage Garden sets

Jam Packed

Heroines - Fairy Princess

North Shore

Opera Tags

Yonder Star

Compliments of the Season Two


  1. Claire I loved seeing the cards that you see as your favourites. It is such a wonderful perspective to see them through the eyes of the creator. I was also ready to see 2012 go, it was a very challenging year for me.

  2. Even though 2012 was a tough year for you Claire, you still were able to make some beautiful cards and projects...I remember them well especially the burlap cookie jar with that great tag using Yonder Star and I feel like I am looking at Hawaii with your sunny My Island vacation card. I especially loved the script text along the bottom of that one and the distressed edges. I hope 2013 is a much better year for you and I am looking forward to seeing a whole new batch of favorites!

  3. Cheers, Claire! Wishing you many shiny moments in 2013. I'm glad you were able to find some good memories of 2012. ♥♥♥♥

  4. Thank you for sharing your favourite cards from 2012. I know it was a tough year for you and I hope that 2013 is better - but these cards are good memories. I just love the French Country and My Island cards - stunning!

  5. 2012 wasn't a fab year for us either in different ways, but here's to a new year full of hope and lovely pretty things and more WMS stamps!
    I love your frilly Niece card, all your images really make any project stand out Claire, they must be like your babies! How can you possibly choose a favourite?! Wonderful eye candy from you, long may it continue. Us mousey fans are waiting with baited breath for your new challenge!
    Big hugs and hopes for a better year xx

  6. GORGEOUS cards Claire!

  7. Oh WOW, I love seeing all of these in a row! So hard to pick faves...but love North Shore with the plumy-burgandy trees, the Santa Opera tag card, and that stunning Joyous Christmas Wish!

  8. Yes , praying 2013 will be better for all.
    All are beautiful projects but I have to say I love the second one Nordic Spring… maybe its the color and the pretty edges or just all of it … but that is my favorite!

  9. Your creations are glimmers of joy from 2012~prayers for a lovely new year~

  10. hope 2013 is a MUCH better year.


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