Friday, 29 June 2012

...2nd post North Shore

There's no doubt this morning's card was leaning towards the masculine and I wanted to show you how the main North Shore Image looks used in a feminine context. This is my second post for today so you might like to scroll down to see my first card and the DT ladies samples for today, if you haven't already!

I had a little white cardboard box from Ikea, the sort you buy, 3 for £1.99 or some such.

I made a panel for the top using the main North Shore image, I inked it up with ladybug red memento ink and rock and rolled a little rhubarb over that. Once I had stamped it, I went in with a copic and added some shading to the interior of the wing shapes, you can see in the pic below that I started with the wing on the right. I thought it added a little depth, I wasn't too fussy about keeping within the inked image as I had distressed the image well beforehand anyhow. I used a tan coloured copic, the number of which escaped me....

I added a mat of red card, torn to shape, distressed by crumpling and sponging with Tea Dye Distress Ink. I sponged the box roughly in Tea Dye in also and stamped around the sides with a little palm tree Island stamp from the set I'll show you tomorrow.

I wanted something to put in my box and so I made a little pendant, I use that old favourite, shrink plastic, LOVE that stuff! lol, such fun watching it under the shrink ray (heat embossing tool).

I cut a plain disc of shrink plastic with a classic circles Spellbinder die template and them stamped those lovely big Palm Trees on it in Versafine black ink. I sponged behind with some Distress inks, Tea Dye and Barn door and some Wild Honey to get that South Sea sunset glow. Punched a hole for the twine and zapped it with the shrink ray. I used some Natural twine and fixed it at the back with a standard necklace fitting, tied with rustic knots...I'm no jewellery maker and you may find this a little 'agricultural' but I thought it was suitably surfy....

I trimmed out a circle of card, roughly the same size as the interior of the box and stamped a chevron pattern with the Off Beat backgrounds stamp from ages ago....see how we were ahead of the curve! Much crumpling and sponging at this point.

I punched a little hole just above centre and threaded the twine from the necklace through the hole. Beforehand I had made a little leg for the circle by folding a length of card in three, and sticking it to the underside of the circle. You can see the arrangement below. I had snipped twice along the length to give me two flaps and glued it to the underside bringing the two ends fairly close together but not quite touching. Once I had pulled the necklace twine through to this side, I was able to wrap it around the leg and secure it by wedging the necklace fixing in between the two open ends of the card leg. This ensures that the pendant stays put on the other side.

Hope it tickles! I'll be back in the morning with My Island!!!


  1. Hi Claire! This box is AWESOME! Love how you "girled it up" with the colors. Thanks for sharing your distress technique - I will definately give this a try! Your little box is like a mini vacation!

  2. Claire - I think this set is fab - can't wait to mix it up with Free Spirit and make some more cards for Ben!!

    Your box is gorgeous!

  3. very cool! the palm trees are great, remind me of home!
    -Rachel w k

  4. Genius!!
    Love that necklace...
    any teen would love that!
    And what a totally fabulous gift box...
    love that distressing!
    It definitely tickles! :)

  5. Fabulous box and necklace!! And, yes you were ahead of the curve with the chevron image!

  6. What a fantastic creation, Claire! I adore the necklace, so pretty. I really must try out that shrink plastic!

  7. STUNNING your box and present!


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