Tuesday, 22 November 2011

...Can you smell it?

The peppermint that is???? lol, me neither, because this is a jar of Cherry rock. Not being in US it's kinda hard to find decent peppermint candy here, or at least I haven't managed to do so yet, but I live in hope.

Anyhow this cherry rock comes in rather uninspiring little baggies like this:

Now, surely, I thought to myself, I can do something with that. It's actually nice stuff (it's soft, which is a bonus for us folks approaching the delicate dental years) and it will make a dinky little prezzie for somebody that I'd like to acknowledge this Christmas, such as a classroom helper.

I decanted my cherry rock into a brand new Kilner Jar, being careful not to touch it on the way in. I know candy keeps for ages but I didn't want to run the risk of spoiling it and so I boiled out my jar first and then wore some of those wee clear sandwich making gloves to be sure it was all tickety boo. If you have ever had a child come home from Home-Economincs class with a 'team effort' fruit salad you'll be completely on my wavelength.

Kilner jars are perfectly suitable for customising thanks to the separate seal under the lid - you can see how I added a little card inset to the top of my jar in the pics below.

I stamped my main label in Riding hood Red ink (SU) onto some white card and then used a Spellbinders 2011 Heirloom Ornament die to trim it out. The main label comes from the Santa's coming to Town set that we released in October. No need for embossing or such, I just kept it plain and simple.

 For the lid insert I stamped the sentiment, also from the Santa's coming to Town set in Riding hood red. I wanted a purty frame and I chose a little spotty frame from the Vintage Circles Small stamp set and stamped it in a pale pink (Pink Pirouette - SU). I trimmed the circle out with a punch to be slightly larger than the opening in the screw on lid, so that it would stay in place when I tightened the lid.

I used two shades of green ribbon, pink and red flowers and a wee bit of fancy snowflake trim (Marks and Spencer Christmas ribbon) to finish it off, Hope it tickles!!!

Store News

I have decided not to have a release in December this year. I know we were scheduled to do one but between me and you, it gets a little busy this time of year and I rather thought it would be nice to have a relaxed build up to Christmas for us all. I hope to pop on the blog regularly and share packaging ideas etc and run a few good competitions.

Our next release will be in January, hopefully when we are all ready for a change of pace and a little freshening up, sound ok?


There are two main competitions I want to run between now and Christmas, and one involves making tags, they're quick, they're small and we're all going to need them, so look out for details on that in the next couple of days, I think you can safely assume that the theme will be Christmas...

The other competition I will be running is the Nice list comp - I LOVED this last year, and I'm itching to do it again this year, I'm thinking I will begin this on 1st December so watch out for that post also.

Right, back to packing for me, what are you up to this eveing?


  1. This is adorable Claire!! I loved your comment about the delicate dental years...I've got awful "teeth lineage" so I totally appreciate that statement. I had no idea it is difficult for you to get peppermint candy there! One of those things I just assumed everyone has...interesting.

    I'm think I *should* be sitting on the other side of this room, creating something, but my cold has worn me after I finish my cup of decaf, I think I'm off to bed...

    Thanks for sharing this lovely project!! :)

  2. I think taking December off would be a great idea. Everyone needs more time around the holidays. This evening I am worried over my sick kiddo (the girl). I think its nothing, but I worry anyway. I am also trying to finish off the 40 baby shower invites for my sister in law. So no peppermints in Ireland? You want I should send some? Are you looking for the little round ones or some nice candy canes? We have tons of both!

  3. Taking a month off is a good idea. I love your most recent designs so much and your customer service is tops. I think every other month allows it all to work out for the best.

    I wanted to tell you that those Nordic stamps are totally the most fun ever.

  4. Your ribbon and red snowflake really dress up your lovely ornament and wonderful candy filled jar Claire!

  5. You give, give, give for us all year, and I think you've more than earned a month off! Treat yourself well and enjoy the family time! I can't wait for January!

  6. Looking at your blog!! ;)

    Vegging out and preparing what to do for a Paper Crafts publication call - that's my evening :)

  7. No peppermint? I can't say it's my favorite but I think it would be if I didn't have access to it.

    I am sitting down for bit of a rest as I've been packing all night. We are driving to California tomorrow after work to meet my dad for Thanksgiving. My kids are little so we require a lot of pieces. Or at least it seems we do. Most of the time half of it comes home un-used and I wonder why I thought I needed it!

    Look forward to the challenges. I've been making lots of tags but without WMS so will have to put my thinking cap on there.

  8. Claire I laughed and laughed about your decanted Cherry rock in the Kilner Jar. I can so relate to Home Economics class with the whole class contributing to the fruit salad. Thanks for the lovely chuckle. You certainly made it tickle!! I do think the label and the lid label you made are so festive and fun, I want to make some like that.I have to order stamps first. I better go do that now that I have some money.
    Oh my no peppermint...but oh so many beautiful stamps.
    Thanks for the giggle!

  9. this looks absolutely gorgeous Claire.Thanks a lot for dragging the new release til JAnuary, as we all have sooo much in December with christmas comming up, so it´s not easy to think of much else then, so I think, it´s a great idea to wait with this and get a lot more attention, when you do release them.

  10. It's nice to have Dec. off I think... so great idea!! Love this packaging! Looking forward to hearing more about the Challenges!!

  11. Great idea to slow down for December. And folks we do have peppermints but not just as attractive as you do....Claire, being dentally challenged as well what about Clarnico peppermint creams..(for oldies of course!)..they'd be good with their green wrappers (no need for gloves lol!) and then red tags etc...just saying......

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous...
    and I know the recipient of this gem will absolutely love it!
    That ribbon...
    can I just say I die over those snowflakes!!
    Love, love, love!!
    And that tag...
    so stunningly gorgeous!
    And yes...
    we "oh" and "ahh" over classroom treats assembled in class...
    we never eat! ;)
    And though I can't wait for the next release...
    I applaud you for waiting till January!
    With so much to do...
    I probably wouldn't get a chance to show them any love till then anyway...
    and I'll also have some extra Christmas cash that I will know just where to spend it :)

  13. Claire I was trying to think of somewhere here (NI) to get the peppermint sweets from that are in the red and white stripe but I honestly cant think of anywhere! But I will keep an eye out when Im Christmas shopping and if I see any I will grab some for you and let you know where they are too for future projects. I love this project. Its so sweet...excuse the pun, lol. Lee x

  14. Claire, I love the candy jar - so many details. Your ribbon is gorgeous - all the layers - candy for the eyes!

  15. I always come back to your site for so much inspiration. I love the stamps and the designs that can be made with these wonderful creations. I have Christmas stamps from last year that are going to have to last me this year, too, but they seem to be that makes it easy to incorporate with newer things. Thanks Claire:)

  16. Love your jar of candies. So pretty! I like the idea of the challenges - I shall keep an eye out for them. January will be perfect for a new release - must make sure I don't spend all my money before then :)))

  17. Now I am sitting here saying "tickety boo, tickety boo" in my head! It might be my new favorite since Jolly Japers! We may have the peppermint candy here in the US, but Ireland seems to have a lock on cool sayings :)! LOVE your candy jar...I think Cherry Rock sounds delish (don't have that around here, either)!


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