Thursday, 7 May 2009

...feeling groovy. Not.

Since I am virussed up and don't feel up to crafting I have a few pics from the weekend for you. We went to Exploris in Portaferry. It's an aquarium and it's quite good. They do have fish there, but because it was dimly lit and the darn things kept moving,the photos are blurry.

The top photo was snapped on the way home. A rather humdrum bit of Strangford Lough that I've seen a million times before but WOW! what a difference the sky makes - I thought this was a great, atmospheric shot, pure luck that it looked this way just as we were passing.


I have loved reading all the comments about my last post!! It seams there are loads of us!! Hurrah! I do love a giggle.

I was also giggling this morning. Before we got out of bed, little guy (LG) and big guy (BG) were having a discussion. I pretended to be asleep, didn't want to spoil the father/son thing. Went a bit like this:

BG: Can you see the Aeroplane up in the sky?
LG: I see a eropane in a kye (He's only just two, he cant pronounce everything - it's so cute)
BG: Do you like the Aeroplane?
LG: I like a eropane up in a kye.
BG: All the people going on holiday - can you see the people in the Aeroplane?
LG: No, I can't see a peepils. I need a telecope a see a peepils up in a eroplane...

I nearly fell out of bed laughing. What possessed BG to ask if he could see the people, and how does LG know what a telescope is let alone what it does?? Silly Daddy!! Lol.

Off to drink tea. Hope to be back at it soon.


  1. I just recently found your blog. And enjoy reading about your life on the other side of the ocean. But alas I to have white, pale skin only with freckles,but with age they seem more like age spots!! You see I have red hair and the complexsion that goes with that, augh! My 2 grown daughters have thanked me many a day, as they were going up and all their friends were blond and tan!

    I say the other side the ocean because I live in the United States, southern Indiana, surround by farm land, that in the summer are mostly fields of corn. I love to see your pictures and have always wanted to go to Ireland. I hope we can become friends through are love of stamping.

    Talk to you again I hope!

  2. Isn't this blogging world wonderful and kinda amazing?! It amazes me that someone feeling yucky, a continent away (at least from me! :>), can make someone else laugh and smile! I really do love reading your posts! And at least it looks like you enjoyed yourselves over the weekend. Hope the 'yuckies' go away super soon! :>

  3. That first photo is absolutely stunning!!!! WOW. The underwater pics are gorgeous. The most precious thing is what your son ahd to say though. Kids say the cutest things! Love em!

  4. Arent kids the best? Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I love the little story about your son. I have a little boy, too, (18 mo) and I can't wait for him to talk! Your cards are lovely, by the way. I always love seeing what you will create next.

  6. Ohhh, sooo wonderful photos... I love the first photo.... we will come again in october to Ireland :)))

  7. What a pretty pic! Hope you feel better soon! Michelle

  8. So sorry you're still not feeling well Claire! Love your pics - what wonderful shots you got of the sky and of your aquarium visit!

    Your BG and LG exchange is just adorable - how precious are these simple times - they grown so fast and miss them!!

  9. Hi

    I've just found your blog, and you've really made me smile - Thank you!!

    I'll definately be popping back.


  10. SILLY BG, CLEVER LG - what a wonderful story - still can't stop giggling!!!!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Elaine x

  11. Sorry,

    You distracted me with your story and I was so busy giggling I forgot to say -


    - all of them, but the first one takes my breath.

    Elaine x

  12. are you excited about the new PTI releases! I know I am!

  13. You really have an artistic eye! The pics are amazing. Makes me want to take another look at the atlantiquarium in Galway. mmm Just remembered going to see an Aquarium in South Africa soon will have to dust off my photography skills.

  14. Love to look and read your blog! The pictures are great, the story was so cute! Hope you are feeling better soon. I hate viruses! I also agree with the spring/summer situation. Being short and plump (me)does not agree with shorts! Though, I love the cool, not too hot weather. It gets so hot and humid here in Minnesota, USA. You are welcome to come and visit!

  15. Just stumpled on your blog by accident but hope to come back again soon to see new uploads.

    I love your funny conversation between Daddy and your two year old, so sweet what little ones come out with ! lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Alex x


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