Tuesday, 14 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas Waltzingmouse Style! Day 9

Based on the feedback we've been getting, lots of folks will be making luminaries and monogrammed soap dispensers!! You'll have to be sure to share them with us when you do... and any of the other projects you make. We'd love to see them!

The winner of a stamp set of choice from all the comments left on the Day 7 post is #49 Crafty Math Chick!!! Congratulations! Please email Claire with your choice and she'll mail your prize out to you. Enjoy!

Okay, on we go!!!

On the first day of Christmas, dear Julia brought to you... won-der-ful gi-ft wrap-ping!

On the second day of Christmas, dear Anya brought to you... three lu-min-ar-ies!

On the third day of Christmas, yours truly (Lisa) brought to you...scrapbook page ideas!

On the fourth day of Christmas, dear Carly brought to you...beautiful home decor!

On the fifth day of Christmas, dear Belinda brought to you...adorable gift packa-ging!

On the sixth day of Christmas, dear Bonnie brought to you...monogrammed soap containers!

On the seventh day of Christmas, dear Lynn brought you...treat bags full of cheer!

On the eighth day of Christmas, dear Jennifer bought to you...a fabby stocking stuffer!

On the ninth day of Christmas, dear Sandie brings to you...

What could it be? You'll have to visit Sandie's blog  to find out!!!

Be sure to join us tomorrow for the tenth day of Christmas!


  1. More awesomeness!I can't believe we are down to 3 more already! This is so much fun!

  2. OH MY GOSH CLAIRE!! I DON'T BELIEV IT!! AHHHH! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Now which to pick? Decisions, decisions, decisions... (thank you so much - I am so happy!!)

  3. Wooot, yay for Crafty Math Chick...aka MEREDITH! SO excited that you won!

    But I am sad that there aren't many 12 days of Christmas left...this has been sooo much fun, ladies! I commented on Jennifer's blog that you ladies have shown us..."If it doesn't move, then STAMP ON IT" for Christmas, heeeee!


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