Monday, 13 December 2010

...Shipping delays

Folks, the Christmas postal craziness is in full swing, I am getting many reports that packages are slow. Please be aware that our normal shipping times will NOT apply, all orders may well be subject to delays at this time. Undoubtedly the weather has a lot to answer for, but the volume of mail passing through Post Offices all over must be staggering right now and so realistically, you must assume that orders will be delayed.
Our standard shipping does NOT include tracking, and so I do very much regret that I am unable to pinpoint where your package might be. I too am waiting on packages, and I do understand the frustration, but unfortunately, once the package leaves me, there is absolutely nothing I can do to hurry it along. I am sorry.

Specific delays seem to abound in North America where a high percentage of folks are still waiting on orders that shipped out in the last week of November.

Here is a link (thank you luvfellyb, on our forum) that shows some of the affected areas in North America.

The Netherlands too, seems to be badly affected by Postal Strikes.

After Christmas I will be re-evaluating the postal services that we offer. At present we do not offer tracked shipping as standard, simply because it is so expensive that no-one who has requested the pricing has wanted to go ahead and use it.

The recent delays are leading to dissatisfaction on the part of our customers and ourselves as folks orders are delayed, and we are powerless to do anything about it.

Frankly, I believe that the present problem is a delay which will clear eventually. These are delays which are beyond my control. I do my utmost to ship orders as fast as I can, and after that I am at the mercy of the Post Office. It pains me that folks are still waiting, but realistically, there is nothing I can do to alleviate the situation.

My apologies to everyone affected.


  1. it must be a nightmare for you all i know i won a prize on the forum with the bloghop and if its any easier for you if you haven't already sent it you can send it after the holidays i hope this improves for you very soon xx

  2. As someone who ships from the US to overseas I too have packages that often take 2 weeks to arrive (in normal times!)...just when I give up hope, they arrive. Good luck to you because I know you carry this burden, even though as you said, you can't control it! In the meantime, I hope they just keep visiting your blog for wonderful inpsiration. :)

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    I ordered, and you shipped Dec 1st, and it arrived about the 9th or 10th of Dec. Pretty good in my opinion, for Dec. postage!! (I'm in Calif., so I don't know if other areas are slower.)
    I love my sets, by the way. Always such good quality and value. I love your work!!!! I've already made a "twins" card" from the Little Buddies set, and am having fun with the Round Christmas set! Wish I could afford it all, but it gives me something to look forward too!!
    Have a great Christmas!!! Hope your wee ones have a good one too, and give you lots of joy!!!!

  4. I hope you are not stressing too much over this - I know it is frustrating - and I know people want their product - but maybe we all need to keep things in perspective ... now don't all explode on me ... but it is crafting supplies - beautiful, therapeutic, wonderful, fun crafting supplies ...
    Enjoy your holidays!

  5. I ordered my stamps on 1st december and they arrived a week later, despite of the postal strike. (I live in the Netherlands)
    That would already be pretty fast under normal circumstances, and things are not normal here right now with the postal strikes going on. So I am extra very pleased with the fast delivery :)
    I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. There's just some things you can't control.
    I love my stamps they are fabulous. It was my first time order but now I want them all :)

  6. I think you always ship really fast, AND you have been shipping orders in several packages do to backorders, whith no extra fee!
    I really don´t think anyone has anything bad to say about your shipping!! I´m also waiting on some orders, and for the first time, shipping confirmation came before the stamps,lol
    But Finland has had strikes too (air postal workers) so I´m sure my stamps will arriv in good time. Please don´t worry, we just need to learn to be a tad bit patient :)


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