Saturday, 6 November 2010

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Good morning and welcome to the third day of samples from our November release. On Sunday we're releasing 4 new stamp sets! We've been showing samples since Wednesday so if you are new here, you might like to scroll down, see what we've been up to!

This morning I have a little guide to how to make the windows I've been showing on a couple of cards, using the stamps which will be released on Sunday.

Later on today I will have more samples for you, so pop back if you can.

Heads up
I also just wanted to let folks know that we've had a little set-back. I've spent all day dealing with a little technical hitch which has meant that two of our 4 sets releasing on Sunday are going to be unavoidably delayed. It's a bother, as I don't really feel comfortable releasing sets that I don't actually have to hand.

However, I have decided to go ahead and release the sets anyhow, because 1) My DT ladies have been working their collective socks off to make purty samples for us, and 2) there are folks who like to purchase enough sets to qualify for the free shipping and if I only release two sets then some folks won't be able to avail of the free shipping benefit, and I know that means a lot to some folks.

So, here's what's going to happen: On Sunday I will release all 4 sets. The store will take orders for all 4 sets BUT orders containing Twas the Night before Christmas and the Vintage Ornaments sets will not ship until those sets are in stock with me, that could mean a weeks delay. Yep, it's a nuisance, and I am heart sorry that it has happened but I can only make the best of it now. You'll understand that it is too late to cancel the release and start all over again.

Twas the Night before Christmas and the Vintage Ornaments sets will just be treated as if they are on backorder and will ship out as soon as I get them.

Orders for Festive Foliage and Around Christmastime and any other in stock order will ship immediately as normal. I am so sorry folks.

Don't forget to check out the DT ladies, they're waiting just for you! lol!

Windows - How-to.
Since a picture is worth about a million words, I have photographed all the important steps involved in making one of those wee windows from the Twas the Night before Christmas set.

I start out by stamping the window image, clear embossing and then trimming it out with the Spellbinders labels 14 die template. Notice the fine inner line that frames the empty inner space.

Next I trimmed out the centre rectangle, Can you see how I have trimmed the rectangle out so that the fine line is cut away at the sides and left in place at the top and bottom? Look on the bit that I have cut out, it has the fine line clearly visible at each side. This is important if you want to use shutters, if you're just trimming out the rectangle and not adding shutters you can just trim all the way round the fine line.

Next, I stamp two shutters. I also clear embossed these. I trim them out with a little spare flap on one side, I make a left shutter and a right shutter by having the spare flap on different sides of the shutter image.

I use the back of the scalpel blade to score along the edge of the shutter image to create a crease for the fold, I find the scor-pal just a little bit 'big' for this job.

Very importantly, I make a tiny slice at the top and bottom of each fold on both of the shutters, circled in red below. I do this so that when I fit the shutters into the window frame, they make a snug, tight fit, the shutter images are a hair larger than the window frame for this very reason.

Below you can see the components of the window. The shutters have been sponged and the hearts coloured brown. The two window sashes, stamped beside each other on a rectangle of card, clear embossed, sponged and then the woodwork coloured brown with a copic. I trim the image of the window sashes quite neatly so that when I put it behind the window frame, it doesn't peep out around the edges.

Next I add the mouse, there are also, baubles, a Nordic heart decoration, and a little candlestick, all suitable for stamping in the 'open' sash.

Below, I have slotted one shutter into the frame, I adhere it with strong tape. You can just see how the tiny wee slices in the fold of the shutter help to make the fold a snug fit around the window frame.

Window frame with both shutters added, and below that, the sash windows. You can see how I added dimensionals all around the sash windows, I wanted it to be set back a little from the window frame.

All that remains is to add the frame over the sash windows, and there is one pretty focal point for your card!!!

Hope it tickles, I'll be back later with more samples!


  1. This is just totally gorgeous. Love it to pieces.
    Ann xxx

  2. Thank you for the tutorial :), I'm eager to try out :)

  3. Hi Claire, I can understand why you feel bad about this delay. But Hey I have seen all your DT examples with the new sets and they are worth waiting for. The will still be in time for our holiday projects. So don't worry too much. Bye Irene

  4. Such an innovative idea. Wonderful.

  5. Such a really clever set of stamps and I can just see the wee folk opening and closing those goodness the possibilities with that set are endless..wish I had wee folk....and the little mouse is just the icing on the cake.....or the crust on the cheese? Augh.......!!

  6. Genius!! I will definitely give this one a try. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  7. Thanks, Claire, for this detailed instruction how to make that beautiful window. I already wondered how you made it and it just looks great. Those open shutters with the little hearts are so beautiful and I wonder what you will show next time.

    Have a nice day!

  8. Oooooh Claire,
    Thank you soooooo much for the detailed tutorial - I'm definitely a crafter who prefers the visual aid to understand 'How to ...' Can't wait for the release of your new sets tomorrow - despite the unavoidable delay.

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  9. I'm itching to get my hands on this stamp set. Do you plan to add extra goodies in the future so we can do a Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving Window? I really think you're on to something here and can't wait to see what your fabulous mind comes up with next. C2

  10. Hi Claire,

    So nice to show how you made this, 'cause I love this cute little window, pretty! And there are many colors you can use it with and create lovely sceneries! I love it!

    hugs, Wendy

  11. So clever, and so, so cute! Amazing designing!

  12. Hi Claire

    Don't stress about the delay - there's still plenty of time for me to make my Christmas cards. I love all that I've seen so far!!

    Regards, Deborah x

  13. I'm terrifically tickled, Claire!! Thank you so much for the superb tutorial. It's incredibly helpful to see all the painstaking steps it's taken to create that beautiful shuttered window ... and the slightly larger shutters with the wee nips is a wonderful tip which would never have occurred to me in a million years!
    So sorry you've had to deal with all the stress of a delayed delivery on two of the stamp sets ... just what you didn't need when everything was running so smoothly. Not a thing you can do about it, though ... so don't worry ... these fantastic sets will be well worth waiting an extra week for ... excited anticipation is not a bad thing!!!

  14. Thank you for this tutorial!
    Love it.

  15. Thank you so much for the how-to Claire! I loved seeing the window come together. Thanks for being so up front about the delay - it must be *SUCH* a headache for you - HUGS!

  16. Awesome! I just love this!

  17. You're amazing! You have blown me away and I am just dying over it all! Beautiful, just stunningly beautiful.

  18. just finished my blog hop - loved everything. Lots of fun projects and ideas!


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