Wednesday, 21 July 2010 store tomorrow...we hope...LOL

Nancy - when can you start?

We're nearly finished getting the store ready, and we're hoping to make the switch over tomorrow! I found the most fabulous web design guy whose patience for un-technical folks such as myself has not run out yet...and believe me I tested it! LOL!

I just wanted to pop on here and show you ladies a couple of features that you might be interested in, and that I am particularly pleased about.

Currency: Our new store will have the ability to show prices in other currencies!!
When you click on an item, the price will appear to the right of the product image, immediately below, you will see, in orange, the words View estimated price in your currency. You can see what I mean in this portion of screenshot below:

View estimated price in your currency is clickable and When you click on the words a little box appears with the estimated price in 4 other currencies Euro, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars. If your currency is not represented, don't hesitate to contact us, the new store will have a contact form, and we will add it to our list. If we get enough requests we'll maybe add it in!

Stock Indicator: Another exciting (well, I think it's exciting! LOL) addition is the stock indicator! As you browse the store you will be able to see if an item is "In Stock" "Low Stock" or on "Back-order"! woohoo! I can't tell you what a great feature this is, currently I have to email folks individually to advise them if their order contains an out of stock item! and I so dislike telling folks that their order may experience delay. Now folks can see before they order what the status of the stock is! How cool is this?? See the screenshot below for the position of this vital piece of information!

Larger pics: There is a delicious new lightbox on the store, when you click on the product picture, it enlarges and you can scroll through them, unlike our current set up where you have to look at each one individually, bliss!

Folks will be able to find things easier, the new nav bar on the left will have categories and sub categories and there will be a feature that allows folks to find items by date of release!

New Sections: As we're still a fairly new company a few of the sections on our new store will not be completely populated yet! You'll see them as you explore, but we're hoping to fill up our new "FREEBIES" section with freebies of course! and our new "LEARN" section with helpful info and tutorials, to start with I'll be pulling useful tuts from the blog here and as time goes on we'll add to it, I might pinch some from the DT blogs (wink) I haven't asked them yet! lol!!

What we don't have: at this time we don't have customer accounts, for the very simple reason that there is not enough admin staff (there's only me! lol) to deal with the admin that this would require. This is not a permanent position and we won't rule it out for the future, but as it stands I don't see it happening this year.

Anyhow, can't wait to hear what you think of it all, good or bad! Fingers crossed it all works!

oooh and did I mention a Gallery?...I'll post more on this later...LOL


  1. Such exciting news....congrats!
    I'll make the sacrifice and move to Ireland to become your customer accounts person. *grin*

  2. Congratulations, Claire! I know how important these features are to you and us, and I am so pleased that you have found a web designer who is working out well. (They are worth their weight in gold.) Personally, I love the scrolling through the photos part the best, but the currency converter is also going to be much more convenient.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new store. Thank the computer wizard Claire and then send him to me!!! I would certainly finish his patience off!!!

  4. Claire, this sounds great!! It'll be fun to see, and the improvements sound exciting (and especially for us US peeps, the easy currency converter is a great item). The gallery is probably going to be my favorite place though:) Keep up the GREAT work: you're a doll and I just wish you continuing success!!!

  5. HI Claire

    Very exciting news....can't wait to see the store!

  6. Awesome Claire,
    I am so excited for you. I am really looking forward to the gallery. It will be great to see everyones creations.

  7. Way to go have really made a dream come true to yourself. Can't wait to see the new store. I'm sure it will be fantastic. Alice R.

  8. As a web specialist who manages these kinds of projects for a corporation, I still get excited when one of "babies" goes live! Congrats! I know what a lot of work it is to get the back end set up, tested and working.

    And ... I just got my first shipment of WM stamps...I made my first card last night ... your designs make me look like I actually have some talent! LOL!

  9. I see the new shop !!! is wonderful Congratulations Ciao Lory

  10. I really love the new site (the old too !), the gallery is an addition very usefull, I love her too.... heuuuu I love everything you do Claire.... with or without your old shirt !! Lol


  11. Just checked out the new website! It looks awesome!


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