Saturday, 3 July 2010

July Release Round-Up Part 1

Hello there! Lisa stepping in to entertain you whilst Claire is busy packing and shipping orders! What a wonderful release this was, eh? (That was for my Canadian friends!) Seriously, it was amazing... I stand in awe of the fabulicious creations by Claire and the design team over the past several days. If I wasn't already inspired enough by the sheer delight of the stamp sets themselves, I surely am now! I can't wait to play some more and try a few of the techniques and ideas I've seen. How about you?

And how about a walk down memory lane? Feast your eyes once again on these beauties featuring Rescue Remedies:

from Anya

from Belinda

from Bonnie
from Carly
from Jennifer
from Julia
from Laurie
from me (Lisa)
from Lynn
and from our very special guest designer Edna

Can you say YUMMMM??? The Design Team did not receive Rescue Remedies Additions in time to showcase them for the release, but you can best believe we will be featuring them in the coming weeks since we now have them in hand. Together the possibilities are endless!

And who is better to showcase her own art, than Claire herself, which you can see in detail here and here

I'll be back again tomorrow with more!

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  1. All these creations were fabulous on the Waltz, but I definitely have a few favs! ; )


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