Sunday, 4 July 2010

...and the cupboards are bare!

WOW! I have maybe a handful of Gingerbread Joy sets left!!! LOL, well, actually it's nearly that bare here!

This release was simply unprecedented. I thought May was big, because of the anniversary, but nothing could have prepared me for this. I had ordered at least double what I normally take for new sets and I always stock up on older sets at release time anyway but this was an exceptionally busy release. I'm astounded at the response. I knew rescue Remedies was a goodie, but I had no idea just how popular it would be. Victorian Frippery and Labels 2 are a very, very close joint second! and wow! I sure can't wait to see all those wee lanterns popping up in blogland!

Thankfully I did put a restocking order in earlier this week so hopefully we won't have to wait too long for the goodies but here is an updated list of what is out of stock:

Very Vintage Labels No. 2 (Nestie Friendly)
Rescue Remedies (Nestie Friendly)
Pic-Nic Patterns
Very Vintage Labels No. 4 (Nestie friendly)
Very Vintage Labels No. 5 (Nestie friendly)
Very Vintage labels No. 10 (Nestie friendly)
Very Vintage Labels No. 1 (Nestie friendly)
Very Vintage Christmas stamp set (Nestie Friendly)
Victorian Frippery
Asian Gardens
Say it with Style stamp set (Nestie Friendly)
Sewing Box - Hugs
Off Beat Backgrounds
Fancy Phrases
Words of Wisdom
Vintage Circles, Small - Nestie friendly

There are a good few folks whose orders will have one or more items on backorder, and I am emailing folks to let them know, but I think it's better to have the option of getting what you want, WITH the free shipping offer, even if there is a slight delay.

I feel that this is more convenient for customers, rather than have to keep coming back to the store to see if something is in stock yet. I do hope that's ok with everyone and anyone who has any particular concerns should pop me a note at:

I'd be delighted to chat over any worries anyone has.

In the meantime, I have to go back to envelope and sticker land, once I get through packing orders that can ship, I will be preparing those with backordered items so that I can get them out as quickly as possible once the backorder stock gets here. I will keep you all updated as I go along. Thank you all so much.


  1. Congrats on all your success :) This post made me happy!

  2. Oh Claire I am so happy for you and your little company! YAY!

  3. Whoo Hoo Claire - what a great place to be! and how smart that you already re-ordered before the sale! You are so good in getting everything out to everyone as quicky as possible!

  4. I think the release was wonderful, and I'm delighted to see such a big interest in your stamps! I certainly don't mind waiting a bit in order to get the free shipping! Congratulations on a growing company with such beautiful designs! :)

  5. congratulations Claire, on such a successful release!!! I've just recently discovered your stamps, and I have to say that even with my somewhat big order, I still have sets that I'd like to get, but will have to wait for. You do a wonderful job on your designs, and I LOVE your samples!!! You are such a great artist (envy, envy :) I've always said that I'm a good copier, so thank goodness for people like you out there who can think creatively and give those of us "wanna-be" artists something to get us started! I've been hitting your blog and company pages first when I get on the internet! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  6. Congrats on a very successful release Claire. As I said already, you've really outdone yourself with the new sets. Thay are all amazing, I can't wait for mine to arrive :D

  7. Claire, you put so much love and heart in this work, you deserve it to be sold out no matter how much stamps you have in stock. :)

    You deserve it, hun!

    Hugs, Tina - really in love with those lanterns

  8. Congratulations Claire! What an exciting time for you! I have always admired people who step out there and take a risk---it looks like it's paying off for you and your family!

  9. Oh la la, Claire! I am so happy for you!! I will just sit back and wait for a while, lol!!! But I will be needing that frippery soon,and some plaids, too!!

  10. Congrats Claire - you totally deserve it, your sets are GREAT - the only thing I regret, that I could not order more... guess that would have led me to divorce LOL (just joking)
    Keep on with your good work!

  11. Great release for you! I also think you and your DT are wonderful with all the creative designs! I used a card idea of Julia's for a 4th of July card with star blings in the center of the Big Blooms and it was a huge hit. My best stampin buddy friend said "I think you found your stamp company!" It is so true and the free shipping is wonderful. I cannot wait for them to arrive and are thrilled that the volcanic ash is done interrupting the travel pattern of my stamps - LOL! Keep up the good work.

  12. Claire this is very exciting news! I'm so happy for you!!

  13. Congrats on another wonderful release! You work so hard to create such wonderfully unique things and it shows.

  14. Many Congratulations! That is a wonderful result but I did tell you it would be, didn't I....I had that feeling of specialness this time.
    You must be dead beat! (LOL - as we say around here.) Hope the success outweighs the tiredness!

  15. So happy for you Claire! The new stamp sets were wonderful, but I am glad to see the oldies are still goodies, too, and you are continuing to get orders for them, as well. Your DT is awesome - they do a lot to inspire folks with all the possibilities.

  16. Oh this is wonderful Claire!! I'm sure it was all because of me BWAHAHAHAHA!!! But honestly Claire - you just inspire us so wonderfully!

  17. Congrats to the big success of those new sets!

    And you deserve every bit! If it wasnt for a limited budget, I could have bought even more of your stamps.... So it was a bit hard to choose..... smile.

    As long as I know I will get a load of very very nice stamps, everything is just fine- even if I'd have to wait a while longer....

    Thanks again for making a wunderful job designing so many beautyful goodies!


  18. Cogratulations, Claire! You deserve every success after all your hard work. I'm sure a little rest would be nice, too! :)

  19. that's the best indication ever that people are just dying to adopt those cute, lil stamps. keep the good work up!

  20. Congratulations, Claire, on a brilliant, sell-out release ... and fabulously inspirational cards, as always, from yourself and the DT ... your huge success is richly deserved.
    ** Remember back ... oooh, about a year ago ... a little Mouse said she'd be hoping to launch 2-sets each release!!! Hey-ho ... way to go, Claire!!
    All good wishes, Melodie


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