Monday, 3 May 2010

...Release watch update

Just a quick note! I am still in shock that it took over two hours just to print out the orders!!! Needless to say I am knee deep in packing, I want to thank all you folks again for visiting the store, it was a veritable stampede!! lol.

Several sets sold out very quickly but I am still anticipating getting all orders out this week as I did manage to order extra stock before the release got underway. If your order contains a backorder item I will email you, hopefully on Tuesday to advise. The store was enabled to take backorders to allow folks to benefit from the free shipping!

I will start shipping on Tuesday at 9am when the Post office re-opens after the May-day bank holiday, and I expect to have the bulk of orders packed by then, but as the response was nothing short of phenomenal, it looks very much like I will be packing for a few days yet!!

Thank you!!!!

ps, scroll down to see Lisa's round up post!!


  1. Dear Claire,
    I'm so pleased that your release was so successful. If you keep track of your customers, you know that I love your stamps and your artistry.

    I wanted to participate in the challenge, but things have just been too busy the last couple of weeks. I'm challenging myself to particpate in whatever you have coming up. I'm just sorry that I couldn't win all 8 sets...I had to settle for what I can afford.

    Thanks for your inspiration and wonderful products.

    Jackie W.

  2. Congrats on a fabulous release! I am so proud of you!

  3. Such creativness and business savy should be rewarded... (with LOTS of orders!) LOL! Love your ideas and can't wait to try out my stamps! I wanted ALL, but sadly...have to wait on the adorable Teatime ones! VERY very VERY CUTE! Know you will be BUSY, but hope you enjoy a wonderful week! Thanks!~Terry Y.

  4. Sandy in Epping3 May 2010 at 20:44

    Oooh Claire,
    What a great success story here; I am so happy for you and WMS.
    Just to take a little of the load off your weary shoulders though: I just stocked up on an astounding order of "patience" this week, so you don't need to worry that my order will take longer than usual to process. If airfare were not a problem, I'd even come by and give you a hand with the packing--always looking for an excuse/opportunity to visit the Emerald Isle someday. ;-D

  5. Hi Claire! Fantastic news to hear that your birthday release has gone so well. I'll bet the lady at the Post Office nearly had a fit when she saw you this morning! Congrats...


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