Sunday, 21 March 2010

Exchange rates

I get lots and lots of enquiries about exchange rates, and quite a lot this morning in particular! So I’m going to try to pop a note up on the store every so often regarding the current exchange rate and what it means to WMS. Remember this is is an example of what a WMS set costs in your currency according to on the date stated and is subject to change.

One Waltzingmouse Stampset 8×6 inches, absolutely stuffed to the gills with stamps, costs £13.50 GBP Sterling which, today (21 March ’10), is equivalent to:

$20.28 USA Dollars
$22.14 Australian Dollars
€14.98 Euros

I hope this helps folks!

Shipping is not included here and is based on the weight of your package, but I believe the shipping I use is very reasonable. I don't like to pay excess shipping myself so I use the best value service I can.

If anyone has a particular currency they would like included in the reviews, pop me a comment here I'll be happy to add it to the list,

many thanks!


  1. WM is good value for your dollar! I can attest to that. Shipping is very reasonable and quite quick considering that for me it must go across the Atlantic Ocean and then clear across North America to end up in my little hands.

  2. Claire, I really appreciate that you put the currency converter link right under an item in my shopping cart at your store with the cue: check price in another currency? I make use of that all the time to get the current Canadian price. I find it very handy. But I could see how you'd get questions because until I have put an item in my shopping cart, I don't get that prompt and know about that feature. Perhaps you just need to post the currency link in the section where people are browsing for stamps.


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