Saturday, 20 March 2010

...just a reminder

Just to let folks know, I try to answer questions posted on the blog comments, but don't forget to leave some sort of contact details, particularly if your Blogger profile page is private!! lol! Many thanks!

Amber - the link for the free digis is here !


  1. Hey Claire, I am happy to see that you continue to have a very successful business! I check in every once in a while. Some day I'll have enough money to do more than just window shop ... I drool every time I look at all your yummies! Anyway, I wanted you to know that I totally cased one of your old cards. Thought you might like to see!

    have a great evening!!

  2. Claire, I love your work! I just discovered your blog and I have looked at all your stamped creations. They are all beautiful. Since I live on a fixed income, I'm unable to buy them. But I will follow your blog so I can see them. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


Thanks for taking the time to comment, :) I read them all and I appreciate you taking time to visit!