I am having to re-organize the way shipping is set in the store. This is so that I can offer digital images for purchase! I am very excited about this!!!
As you know, digital files do not weigh anything and, as they will be supplied downloads, I need to reset shipping to take account of this. Also, there will be other products of different weights!!!!
At present the shipping is organized on a per-set basis which was originally calculated on the weight of the stamps. At the time I was setting up the store I thought this was a nice simple way to do it and it has worked very well so far, but, since I will soon be offering other things for sale, besides stamps!!!!!
Ultimately the shipping is worked out on weight already as this is the way in which the Royal Mail charge me for shipping. The changes I am making this weekend will not see a raise in shipping costs, these will remain the same until the 1st April, at which point Royal Mail is putting their annual price raise into effect, and I will have to do the same. I have seen the new prices tho’ and it’s only a few pence thank goodness.
So keep your eyes open for the new digital stuff here we’re kicking of with the Spring Baskets template!!