Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Huge apologies!!! Folks are waiting to see who won the competition!!!!

Somebody right near the start hit it bang on!!!!!!! lol, I really don't want to tell you just yet tho' lol, I love the i won't name names but I have emailed the person who won!!!!

tho since you've all been so good about sharing your ideas i will share a wee sneeky peeky!

I know, I know, it's not fair.... lol...I can't help it!


I am working hard behind the scenes trying to set up some sort of gallery/forum function but it is proving WAY more involved than I thought!! so, If anyone does have pics of Santa Evidence from Christmas (see your Jan Newsletter - if you'd like to get newsletters sign up in the sidebar,on the right) that they want to upload for the February competition, please go ahead and upload it to the Splitcoaststampers gallery, put 'waltzingmouse' and 'santa' somewhere in the key words and I will find it come competition time.

If you don't have an SCS gallery don't fret!, In February as part of the release, I intend to have a Mr linky and you can link your pic on your blog via the mr Linky - but don't worry there will be more details closer to the time!!

and somewhere in between I'm still trying to make a, the bits have been sitting on my counter top unassembled for 2 weeks!!

In the meantime i'd like to share with you my instant cure for gray hair...I bought a hat! lol! It's been cold here, and I now have a typing hat! lol

chat soon,


  1. ok -I want to see a pic of you in your hat Claire!!!

  2. Yay! Now I have company in the land of the typists chair - congratulations on your hat Claire and welcome to the club!!! Now all you need is some fingerless gloves to complete the ensemble...

  3. That **IS** a bunny tail right!!?? But I'd love to know what's staring at me in the bottom left hand corner - it looks adorable! Thanks for allowing us a *little* sneaky peek! I second Julia's suggestion - may we see the hat? :0)

  4. í'm with Julia also, can we see a pic of you with your hat on, maybe it will give us all some insiration!!!!

    Hugs Yvon.

  5. Congrats to the winner! I just went back through the posts trying to figure out what it is... I can't but it's fun trying! Claire we'd love to see you in your hat!!

  6. I agree with everyone else. Claire, we defnitely need a modeling of the hat! Now, aren't you glad you let us know!

  7. A hat! Why didn't I think of that? Much less expensive than the hairdresser... and very handy in the cold weather, or for keeping sun off your face in the summer. You're brilliant!

  8. Hi Claire.

    I want to thank you .
    I think my emails don't reach you.
    I had problems with sending.
    Can you please mail me?



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