Wednesday, 30 December 2009

...gadgety thing

So I am trying to set up my newsletter properly. Crikey, the more I find out, the less I know.

Anyhow, I'll be sending one out probably on a monthly basis, it will contain info on what's new, maybe some exclusive sneak peeks and updated information on what stamp sets are out of stock/back in stock.

The particular newsletter I'm sending out in a couple of days time will also announce the newest member of my DT, prepare to have your socks blown right off! Tee-hee!

Anyhow, if you feel like signing up for it, there's a wee boxy over on the right hand sidebar, see it? It says "Get the Wms Newsmails" you can pop your email in it if you'd like to be in the know!! lol.

Hopefully have a card or two soon, tho it'll be patchy over the weekend as my wee dude turns 3 on Saturday!!! Where has the time gone?


  1. Hi! I have just had the GREAT pleasure of going through your older posts (haven't managed them all, but feel soooooo inspired by what I did get to!) Anyway, I have a FABULOUS suggestion for your design team - **YOU** ;)!!

  2. Your wee dude is a Cappy, too! Mine is on the 8th (Elvis Day) :)
    They grow soo quickly...
    It's soo exciting to see all the work these ladies have done and it's really fabulous how they all showcase your designs so well. You made some good choices, Claire!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little guy!


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