Monday, 28 December 2009


And off I trotted down to the Post Office...and they were closed!

My apologies everyone! I thought they were due to re-open today, your orders will now ship first thing in the morning!!! Many thanks for your patience!

And in the meantime...anyone spotted the sneak peek at Julia's...?


  1. I love the sneak peek from Julia and can't wait to see what you are going to do with the new set!!!!

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Oh, think I may be in LOVE with that Valentine's set already, Claire! Yummy -- LOVE the bow/arrow!

  3. I can smell success with this one! The bow and arrow are darling and I've not seen such lines of elegance with Valentine's stamps before. Yay!! It's about time!
    I can hardly wait to see more but I know I'm going to love it :)
    And more Nesties will be matched, I see ;)

  4. Can't wait to see more with your new set Claire! It's so beautiful already!


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