Wednesday, 9 December 2009

...and the winner is...

Sandy Dawes!!!!

Congratulations Sandy!!! You win the entire contents of your weekend shopping cart for free!!!!

I will email you tomorrow with your complete refund!!!

It would be indelicate of me to announce just how many sets Sandy will receive, LOL! suffice to say that I think Sandy will be quite tickled!!! lol!

Thank you to everyone who shopped with me over the weekend!!! I printed out a list of all of the orders I received over the weekend, right up until midnight tonight (my time), both through the store and via email, and then made the random draw from those, well actually had my DH make the random draw! I can't believe how excited I got about this!!! It was great fun!!

I do think this might be a good thing to do again sometime, I know I'd love a chance to win my shopping cart for free at some of the stores I shop at! lol.

In the meantime may I leave you to drool all over the following blog posts by my DT?

Laurie's cider!

Bonnie's wine!

Julia's card!


  1. Congrats, Sandy!!! Sounds like Claire played Santa Claus at your house this year (a bit early too)! Enjoy all those wonderful new stamps!!!

  2. How fun, fun, fun for Sandy! And what a great idea - the winner is sure to be happy with the winnings since she already picked out what she wanted!!

  3. Congratulations, Sandy! :)

    Thank you Clarie for such a wonderful chance to win something. It´s a great idea.

    Hugs, Tina

  4. Congratulations Sandy!! Have fun with your new goodies!

  5. Congrats Sandy! Fab work DT :)

  6. Oh my!
    WHAT is my name doing at the head of Claire's blog entry??? It is quite the shock to see my name out there bold as all get out. Yes, indeed-y, I DO believe in Santa Claus ;-)
    Thank you Claire from the bottom of my heart. It IS a wonderful Life, and my Christmas is going to be all the merrier for this, along with all the kind words from her faithful followers--I AM BLESSED. Thank you.


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