Tuesday, 3 November 2009

... New stamps released Today!!

Ed - the competition on the secret blog is now closed for today! the random thingy picked comment number 81 which was Kathleen Nelson, I have emailed you!!!BUT IT"S NOT OVER YET!!!! Because I was so thrilled to read all of the lovely comments! I'm encouraging folks to continue to comment. I will pick ANOTHER winner tomorrow night! so, all you folks who commented today are in with another chance to win a set of your choice!! I appreciate that folks have been leaving one comment each, this is by far the fairest way, thank you all!

Hello and welcome to the release of 3 new stamp sets!!!

Important notice for Vintage label 4 waiting list folks!! - if you have not already placed your order for your reserved set, and would like to do so, now that the release is open, simply proceed as advised in the email. I am holding your sets unless you email me to say it is not needed, and please do let me know soon as there are some folks hoping! Many thanks.
The stamps are top quality, clear photopolymer, self sticking stamps for use on clear acrylic blocks (not supplied). Supplied on clear plastic with matching printed image sheet, all in a polybag.

Two of the sets you can see below, the other you must find by going back to the two posts immediately before this one!!! It's a secret set!!!Hurry! there's a competition on, it ends at midnight, you need to read the posts to see how to enter!! lol

Very Vintage Labels No.1 (Nestie Friendly)

Along the lines of the popular Vintage Labels No.4, this set co-ordinates with the Spellbinders label 1 dies. AAhh. Perfectly framed panels of loveliness!!

The top left hand image shows 4 concentric dotted shapes, this is one stamp but each border is easily inked up individually or in pairs to give a neat border for your die cut shape. See my blog for more on this.
I have designed this stamp to contain 4 different sized frames as a space saving alternative to 4 separate frame stamps. Also the fact that the 4 frames are together gives the stamp added stability and durability. I find the little dew drop inks very good for inking the borders separately, tho it is just as easy to wipe away any unwanted ink before stamping.
In the top right, you can see another double frame stamp, either ink up both or a single border depending on your project. The frame on bottom right is a separate stamp from the 'tag shoulder' within it.
A selection of ‘tag shoulders’ and ornaments compliments the set. All images and stamp designs are Copyright © 2009 Waltzingmouse Stamps, Claire Brennan.
Sewing Box - Hugs

After the style of Sewing Box Christmas, the Hugs set features images and sentiments suitable for every day usage. The stitch outline of these images makes them eminently suitable for those ‘good feeling’ warm wishes cards with a homespun feel. All images and stamp designs are Copyright © 2009 Waltzingmouse Stamps, Claire Brennan.
But you know what? I'm itching to make Christmas cards with em!! lol
To purchase either of these two stamp sets or indeed the Secret stamp set pop over to the store:

All sets retail at an amazing £13 sterling each - check out how many images and sentiments are in each set!! (approx US $21.29, Canada $22.81, Euro 14.12, Australian $23.68 - all values approximate as of 28th Sept and subject to change - source,

TWO quick reminders!
Prices will be going up on the 5th November as mentioned on the blog 'Here in this post' . Hopefully this will give everyone a fighting change to get what they need before this happens!

And this release is being supplied with stamps from my new supplier. So if you are ordering a mixture of sets your order may contain two different types of clear photopolymer stamp sets, see more about this Here in this post.
And yes! - I ship everywhere, lol.
AND, can I just thank all my DT ladies!!! I am loving seeing what you all come up with and hope to be organised better in the new year so's you can ALL get the stuff in time for releases!! lol, a couple of my ladies didn't get their sets in time for this release, it was a tight squeeze. Hat's off to Julia, Anya and Laurie who managed to get samples made!! BTW pop over to Julia's I believe she's had an early Christmas visit!!!


  1. Oh, Claire, I shouldn't even look here - I ADORE the new Vintage Labels 1, as of course I knew I would!!! It & Vintage Labels 4 top my Wish List, though our BG set is always vying for the top spot! LOVE the "tag shoulders" - ingenious!!!

  2. I just can't resist this sewing set. Just placed my order for BOTH sewing inspired sets. Can't wait to try these out Clare!

  3. Dawn (stampinscotsgirl)3 November 2009 at 21:33

    Claire you are amazing!! I just love your style and your new sets are wonderful! Just placed my first order for both the label sets!! You wouldn't believe how many times I checked your blog today, lol!! Wish I could afford it all!

  4. I wish I could have bought them all but I am so glad I got Labels one! I LOVE it!

  5. Just wonderful, Claire! I am loving all of your sets and slowly (but surely) building my collection of WS!

  6. Kerri Sandercock4 November 2009 at 02:01

    On the next census, I am going to list my profession as "Christmas Card Maker" - can't wait to get the sets I ordered this morning - they look fantastic! Congratulations!

  7. Love the Vintage Labels - so glad to have found your blog and store :)

  8. Congrats on another amazing release. I just love your stamp sets and know that there are many more wonderful ones to come.

  9. Love all your stamps!!

    Hugs from Lisa in Sweden

  10. Love those stamps...congrats on the new releases as they look great. I think those label are wonderful...

  11. These vintage, nestie-friendly labels are truly panels of loveliness! It's time for me to place my first order! Love everything you create...


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